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Woodmonk Red Stag Musk Ox Deer & Trout Hunter

Woodmonk Red Stag Musk Ox Deer & Trout Hunter

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This J. Behring Made Deer & Trout is a little more stout and a bit more heavy than a standard Deer & Trout. I feel that it could be called a small hunter Woodmonk. Kind of a little of both. It came together very well with real AAA red sambar stag and a silver soldered nickel silver guard. Blade is about 4 1/4" long and convex ground. Small stack of spacers and a pinned handle. OAL is abouy 9". I might just keep this one for my collection ! Its a real GEM !  Comes with a full stitch belt sheath antiqued dark brown with stainless rivets. Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim

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