Hi Jim,

I want to thank you for the note you sent with the knife, that was extra special!

It is nice to know some of the history behind it on the stag handle.

And I’m thrilled with the knife: 

-I like the AEB-L, and the compass-it is the perfect size , will be an often edc carry

-the stag is gorgeous and the sheath with giraffe -the guard and micarta stack 👍It is a real gem!

I’ll try to use the hell out of it!….. thanks my friend,  Bill S



I just received my Gransfors Bruk double bit axe sheath (order# 3258). My goodness! It is absolutely amazing! Great product.... outstanding quality...hands down.

Thank you very much.

Would you be able to make me a sheath for my Gransfors Bruk Single Bit American Felling Axe??

Same color leather and same hardware??

If so, name your price sir. I will purchase it.

Thanks again.




Good day,

 The knives have arrived. Absolutely beautiful and well made. I mean they are super nice and of incredible quality, many thanks.

If the knives are so great, well the sheaths are incredible and well made as well.

Again many thanks for them and I will scan the website again 


Happy Thanksgiving, and Best regards, Tom 


7/26/21 Thank you Mr. Behring for an amazing knife.
This is my third Treeman blade, very impressive work. 



Thank you for the City Slitter, as I call it... I am a Vietnam era nut. I’m a outside salesman by day and a 07/02 FFL by night. 


I mfr a couple rollstamped reproduction M16A1 receivers and have been obsessing over Randall’s for a bit. I didn’t want to buy a knife that sat in the safe, I have plenty shit sitting in the safe, so I shelved the idea for a week. I keep digging into different makers until I found your site. I knew I wanted you to make a knife for me.


Y’all have plenty practical hunt/fishing knives but I tried to find a fighter that I could actually carry on the site with no luck... I found a small dagger on Rocco’s Instagram feed, and called with an idea. (I saw the EDC stuff you did in the past and that isn’t my style). 




I am very happy y’all built this knife for me, it’s perfect. I don’t let others make me things often and I am really surprised. The blade/handle balance is unreal. My boss loves her skinner too. 




Sent by iPhone 






Hi Jim,


 I have been a fan of both and your son’s knives for quite a few years and own a handful of them. Several are proudly displayed in my knife cabinet.


 As nice as all the ones  I own are I just want to say you knocked it out of the park when you made this stainless bird and trout knife I just received. It’s just a beauty !!


 That fossil ivory butt cap is just the right touch  on an amazing knife.


 Thanks and take care ,






Jim and Rocco




Wanted to let you all know that I received the Fox River Hunter today. I was surprised that it came so quickly. Anyway I wanted to say thank you and let you know that it is totally badass. Great build and excellent leather work. You all knocked it out of the park again. Simply put you all are making the best hand forged knives to be had today. I’m sure you’ll hear from me in the future for another order.




Stay safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving.










I received the double skull fighter, today.  That is one awesome knife.  Beautiful, unique stag.  I am also very impressed with the sheath.  Thank you!




I am a Randall Made collector, and only occasionally branch out with other makers. 





Jim, I don’t know what to say, I’ve three more surprises, the tie down loop, the 1968 stamp on my butt and the best one of them all STUDEBAKER SPRING STEEL 🌝 I’m over the moon...this thing is wicked cool 😎 Thank you, Gary 






My son’s Postman just delivered your Walrus Ivory Drop-point Trout to us.


It’s stunningly-beautiful and flawless to boot!


Thank you for creating such an awesome keepsake for my grandsons to enjoy for  many years to come. I’m 100% sure that they’ll be bug-tusslin’ over who gets to carry this 10th addition to their ever-growing Treeman Collection!


Please remain happy, healthy, prosperous and safe, my friend.


Blue skies, fair winds & nuthin’ but green lights…







Just wanted to let you know that I’m now the proud owner of a Treeman knife… it arrived today. What a spectacular peace of work! Almost too nice to use… but I most certainly will. Can’t wait to get a hike organized so I can take it out in the field. Probably an Appalachian Trail section hike in the spring.


Thanks again, I love it!!







Received the knife yesterday.


 WOW!!  I thought it looked great on the website,


but that didn't do it justice.  This knife is unbelievable!


Fit and finish are the usual Jim Behring quality, but the


walrus ivory is the best I've ever seen.  The feel in the


hand is phenomenal.  Just can't say enough about it.


My wife, Chris, just sat looking at it with her mouth open


and an astonished look on her face.  All she said is






Thanks for the mind-boggling. fantastic work.




Best regards,






Dear Jim, The knife came today, and what a knife! I'm gonna join the Marines so I can use it as intended...Just kidding...They'd never take me! But seriously, you are a true artist, and I thank you for your great work! I have a whole Jim Behring display going now, and I'm sure I'll be adding more in the future. Someday I'm gonna schlep my way to your town and buy you a beer...You have been warned.  Stay safe.




ps. The sheath is outstanding as well. I'm gonna post it on Facebook.       






Hey Rocco- just wanted to let you know my knife arrived today and it is everything I hoped it would be! Thank y’all very much! 




Have a great balance of the summer!








Jim - just got the leather hatchet sheath.  This is exactly what I wanted and envisioned - the best hatchet/axe sheath I have ever seen.  Thanks for making such quality goods.  


Jim C 





Hi Rocco,


It’s beautiful and you have my sincere thanks for this heirloom quality piece. 


Regards, Bruce

(in reguards to a tooled belt sheath for a gransfors mini hatchet)




I just received my knives today and all I can say is HOLY COW!!! The craftsmanship is absolutely stunning!! Now I have to figure out which one I want to use first! If anyone is on the fence like I was about buying a TREEMAN knife just pull the trigger! I own many Randalls, pumas etc. you will not be disappointed!!!






I just received the knife and it’s very impressive, quite sturdy. I wasn’t expecting it for several weeks and I do appreciate the quick turnaround. Just what I was looking for.











My son’s Postman delivered your Ultra Phalanx to us this afternoon.


It’s truly one of the most awesome “survival" knives which I’ve ever seen… much less added to my family’s collection!

Thank you VERY, VERY much for making this gift to them possible.


They’re gonna enjoy this keepsake for MANY years to come and I’ll be thinking fondly of… and gratefully to.. you as they do, dear friend.


Blue skies, fair winds & nuthin’ but green lights…




I have had your Tass knife for about 4 years now. Wanted to let you know without a doubt the finest I have owned. Never leaves my side, used daily . Fine work . Highly recommended. Thank you!



The knife came in today. The pictures do not do justice to this knife. It is truly a work of art. Sometimes knives are smaller than the photos depict but this knife is a beast and magnificently sharp. Thank you. Colin Lee. 



Jim, after seeing a few of your pieces at gun shows over the years, I knew I really liked your work. However, when I finally got home this afternoon and was able to take a peek at this knife, this, is by far the most beautiful knife I have ever held. The blade shape and size  is exactly what I was looking for, and you really went over the top with that big chunk of stag on the handle instead of leather (and lots of spacer colors too!) The sheath is fantastic as well. (Signed even!) I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to construct it for me, and it will be getting used as a knife to make memories with and not sitting on a shelf like those 2 Randalls were. I’ll shoot you a photo of the boy with it after he unwraps it Christmas morning.

Thanks again,

One Damn Happy Customer!



My knife arrived- very pleased with it. Quality and looks are excellent- much appreciate it. Rocco, the basket weave case is really a great compliment to the knife. Thanks to all!







 The knives arrived today – they are absolutely beautiful.  Honestly, could not be any better and hit the mark on exactly what I was looking for.  Both the blade and leather work are superb!  Thank you so much.


 Best regards, Mike



Holy shit! Great knife!




 I received my new knife today, and thank you for the very quick delivery . Also I’d like to add that it’s absolutely beautiful and is much nicer than the pictures. 

 Semper Fi

John McCalla 4/24/19


The axes arrived today and although they were both great the two handed Scagel was a real work of art. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. You always do such a nice job with your Scagels and I also appreciate you bringing the Kris stamp back for this piece. From the design, to the handle size, shape and spacer arrangement, you have really outdone yourself on this one. Thanks again for all your hard work and artistry. I’m going to get with you soon on another project. Until then take care and I hope Spring comes to Michigan soon.



1/19/19.  This is my perception of this fine work, and the only thing better than an old R H Ruana 19 B, is your creation of a one of a kind masterpiece bigger brother. I am getting so many “ favorites”, that there is almost no room for more-I am kidding!  Thank you again, Sincerely, John C



Hey Jim,

 1/18/19    The big skinner arrived half an hour ago. It's completely OTT, everything even better than I expected.

Can't wait to get this one out and about where it belongs.

 Thank you so much and I'll continue to sweat over all your knives I can't buy..

  Very best wishes .Mike



1/14/19 Mr. Behring, I just want to say thank you for the awesome skull fighter stag you made me. I absolutely love it. Take care, and I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2019. I will see you at Blade.


"That Red Stag Woodcraft Deer n trout is the sharpest knife I ever held.  I just touch 550 cord and it slices. Thing is sweet." 

Sent from my iPhone


Hey Treeman gang, How much would this knife (SKU: tmk112) cost with O1 tool Steel and 5” blade? Or what steel would you recommend for hard use and great edge retention? I just came back from a hunting trip and used my Randall SGT Model, boy do I regret that. The whole length of the edge broke/chipped while working bone. Luckily I had the one I got from you guys to finish the job, that blade is a beast!!!! Cut through bone like nothing with no damage. Thank you for putting out a great dependable product.


Hey Jim, Got 'em today. TOP SHELF for sure ! That Stag fighter is sensational !  I love the blades on both of them.  The spacer arrangements are eye-popping !  Nice large handles on both.  Thanks for a pair of beauts !  Walt 9/25/18


Hello Jim,


Once again thrilled ! Thid Big Super Skinner is a perfectly balanced, true craftsmanship piece of almost "art" hard working general hunter/skinner for this season's bowhunting and beyond I'm speechless....in a good way.


Thank you for creating such a fine working tool, and my gratitude to the others there at Treeman Knives ( what awesome leatherwork ! ) This is a one off over the top keeper, and even if it doesn't get all the work all of the time, you can be sure it'll be close and round me waist every step come huntin season. That's no baldface ! (BS)  Cheers Brother


                          Dan Haveruk=


Dear Jim & Brian / Treeman Knives,


I just wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate the time and effort it took to get this knife completed and mailed out on such a short time frame. I equally appreciated your communication in helping me decide on a design and product that best fit my needs. 


Treeman knives customer service and quality of work is second to none. Thank you guys for all you do and for your support of Our United States Military and Law Enforcement.   


God Bless!


Richard Roderman




JIm and Deanna,

received the Mackinaw Hunter knife today . . . wow!  It's more a work of art than a tool, and it is far nicer "in person" so to speak than even your fine photos.  This truly is something to hand down, generation to generation.  Thanks so much (and I intend to sew the Treeman patch on my hunting jacket).  I have a horseback elk hunting trip to Wyoming this fall, and you can bet this knife will get lots of envious comments--and maybe some more business for you.

Hope you enjoy the book; Dick Cole is a true hero and a very special friend of mine.

Take care, and thank you again for following your passion and making  world-class knives available to those of us who appreciate craftsmanship and artistry.

Best regards,

Dennis Okerstrom



Dear Treeman Knives, 

I received the axe sheath that I ordered and I gotta say, it's great.  Exactly what I was looking for.  Also, the quality and attention to detail is exceptional. 

I would like to thank you for your great service all-round - from start to finish.  It really stands out. 

After I found the sheath I was looking for on your website, and inquired about building it for a different axe, your leather guy, Rocco, was excellent.  He helped me find a design that would would work for my needs, and had a sheath done up right away.  

Payment was easy, and shipping - to Canada - was super fast.  

I will definitely consider your business in the future if I'm looking for top-quality knives and/or sheaths, and won't hesitate to recommend Treeman Knives to anyone who may be interested. 

Thanks again, 


Alberta, Canada 


Got it! Some times it feels like you guys ca n read thoughts over seas....

It came out  just as thin and badass like I wanted It, and the sheath came out just as lowrider as I wanted in my wildest dreams. This huron hunter is a badass slicer to bet your life on as i did to one of your other knifes I bought from you.


Hell of a big thanks!

Mattias from the north of Sweden




Hey, I received my little hunter, it's a beauty!


I'm hoping this isn't starting a sickness, but can you quote a knife like this, too?



Thanks, Colin



For Treeman Custom Leather:
Thank you again Rocco and everyone at Treeman for the beautiful job done for my three knives.
The quality from design to finished product is exceptional.
I still have three more orphaned knives in need of
new sheaths and would like to send them along for your special care.  
Please respond to this email to let me know if this will not interrupt your schedule.  As always,, there is no immediate need for me to have them back; so you can work on them at your discretion.
Once again, thank you for such amazing custom work.



It’s hard not be to be happy with folks who don’t settle for anything less than the best.  Jim is clearly one of the best knife makers in the country if not the best and Brian can really work magic with the leather.  Outstanding.

Jim E.




Greetings from Burlington, NC.

Regarding the D-guard 6-inch Ultra Phalanx I recently received:

Wow. Breath-taking, jaw-dropping wow. Everything about this knife screams quality, from the incredibly thoughtful design to the brilliant manufacturing execution. I don't yet see how this product could be improved -- and as a quality engineer, I make that statement almost never. That you offer such quality at such an affordable price is amazing.


Man I just got my TASS in the mail from you guys.  Coolest blade ever!  The boa handles and the Nomad Kryptek are sick.  Of course, the quality and craftsmanship are outstanding , as well.  Only what I have come to expect from a Treeman product.  I have kind of become a Treeman snob; I got rid of every other blade other than your stuff.  I don't want anything else!  Also, thanks for including the combat knives patch-way cool.


To Whom It May Concern:


     Today I received the 6.5 inch Ultra Phalanx w/sawteeth that I ordered on Friday and I would like to take the opportunity to Thank You and your staff for an amazing product and amazing customer care.  I phoned your shop on Friday 04/21/17 and spoke with Brian who was excellent and helpful.  I phoned with a question about ordering a knife with a different sheath due to duty uniform requirements and he was helpful and accommodating.  Kudos to you  and Brian!!  He actually made me a sheath to my specs and the knife fits like a glove.  Quality, fit and finish of both the knife and the two sheaths I ordered are far above ALL other products currently on the market.  To say that I am simply blown away by your knife would be an understatement.  The fact that I could pick up the phone and talk to an actual PERSON who understood my requirements  is a testament to the quality of your operation.  In this day and age that is unheard of.  I ordered the knife and two sheaths on Friday and received them on Monday.  Excellent and fast shipping!!

  Again, Thank You for an amazing product!  You now have at least one loyal and returning customer for life!!  (saving up for the 8 inch Combat Dagger!!!)


Cpl John P



    I bought one of your Combat D Guard knives last Saturday at the Tulsa gun show and once I got it home and really got a chance to examine it I realized what a really great work of art this knife truly is. I have many knives but have never seen this kind of quality in a knife and I am so proud to own it. I took it to work today for show and tell
and all my friends were so impressed that they were all immediately on their lap top computers researching your company. They checked out the type of steel you use and even the knife case that comes with the blade and everyone gave a resounding thumbs up on the knife I had gotten from  your guys at the show. I think there are several saving some money to get one. I just wanted to say that your knifes are definitely top of the line stuff and I plan on buying another one sometime before long.

Tim Lamb
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sincere thanks Mr. and Mrs. Behring. The fast shipping and excellent product was first class. I am looking forward to purchasing a bush craft type knife from you in the near future. I will certainly spread the word about your company and fantastic customer service. Best regards, Peace and Blessings. D. Clemmer

09 2016



Thanks for the Re Handle  and sheath work on my vintage randall KIT knife. Got the knife back today and am extremely happy with it.  It is really a work of art.  Really a nice piece of stag and just perfectly fitted in the sheath which is also great.  The butt cap and hilt are perfect and thanks also for polishing the blade.  Hard to find this kind of craftsmanship today.  Thank you very much.  Wm Vail.



Hi Dee (and Jim)!




Received my knife today and I am floored! It was exactly what I had in mind. It is literally a work of art Jim! I sent some pics to my brother already to get him all worked up before he gets his. What  are brothers for right? Anyway, I am truthfully thankful for your handcrafted masterpiece (which is now my favorite knife).  The only problem I have now is I want more........maybe soon???? I also loved visiting with you Dee and appreciate your great customer service! As I said before, once my bro retires from the military, we may just take a road trip to Ray, MI. We would love to see your shop and ask a million questions! All the best....




Brian B




Again, thank you very much. 


I began my military service after graduating from the Naval Academy. Assigned to a SEAL team in VA, I was assigned as an instructor having had what the military felt was utilizable skills in certain warfare specialities. Service rendered and life long friends made, I went to flight school, flew F/A-18's in Iraq and Bosnia, returning twice. I remain in active government service, working with still, many of the SEAL team members I first met, and fly for United Airlines - my grown up job. Several of the Team members carry your knives and can't speak more highly of them. Having garnered respect and learned more effectively how to use a knife now, I am replacing my service blades with ones that I can rely on with my life, and those around me. I originally carried Benchmade knives in my flight gear in all four war zones. Great knives, their utility now outgrown and retired for nostalgic reason, I needed to find something a bit more serious and reliable - my attention directed toward your knives by several Team members.  

Thanks again!!




Just a quick note to let you know that everybody in deer camp was extremely impressed with the way your knife handled the majority of the cutting, of 5 deer being butchered in camp. That includes the fact the knife was used to split both the rib cage and pelvises of all 5!  They all liked the feel of the knife & the ability to keep right on working even after going thru the hard cartilage.

It also helped cape out 3 additional bucks and no one even suggested that the knife needed to be sharpened! 

It ended the year with my buck (shown in pic), then my son’s best buck to date and another doe.

Keeping count:

•         8 deer butchered  (~7.5 deer done / split / caped out with this knife)

•         3 more bucks, helped to cape.  (~2 capes done)

•         Zero times sharpened or even “touched up”


Thanks for making a great knife and I’m sure that another knife will need to be purchased when you are back through Louisville again this next year!  If nothing else I’m convinced they give me good luck!!



            The guy who “Just Likes Sharp Shit”




Just wanted to let you know I received my camp filet knife today. Looks even better in person. Also, the stag skinner is scheduled for delivery tomorrow.


Thanks for the beautiful knives,





Just a quick note to let you know that everybody in deer camp was extremely impressed with the way your knife handled the majority of the cutting, of 5 deer being butchered in camp. That includes the fact the knife was used to split both the rib cage and pelvises of all 5!  They all liked the feel of the knife & the ability to keep right on working even after going thru the hard cartilage.

It also helped cape out 3 additional bucks and no one even suggested that the knife needed to be sharpened! 

It ended the year with my buck (shown in pic), then my son’s best buck to date and another doe.

Keeping count:


  • 8 deer butchered  (~7.5 deer done / split / caped out with this knife)
  • 3 more bucks, helped to cape.  (~2 capes done)
  • Zero times sharpened or even “touched up”



Thanks for making a great knife and I’m sure that another knife will need to be purchased when you are back through Louisville again this next year!  If nothing else I’m convinced they give me good luck!!


 Hank G,

            The guy who “Just Likes Sharp Shit”


Hey Jim,

I recieved the 8" Combat today.

  Fast arrival, pure badassery! Thanks for your work, I appreciate it all the way.






Got it! 

Truly outstanding in every way.

Thanks for the pig sheath from your stash. Thanks for the 4 year old, old herd crown stag from your hunt in the Dakota's. Thank you for the hand written letter. Not only is this a piece of your history, but it now a piece of mine. 

You don't find these type of interactions  around much anymore. 


The knife is perfect man!!!!!


Truly grateful.



I have received The Beast.  I am very happy with it, as I am with my LRRP,  and several other of your more traditional designs I have acquired over the years.  Thank you and have a great Holiday.  Andrew.  



Got it!!

What a piece of work!! Absolutley fantastic, even better than expected. Just perfect knife and the Treeman custom sheat is just fabolus!

Thanks Jim and Deanna for a hell of a package and great service


Thanks Mattias



Jim / Dee,

Thought I'd share another shot of your work after it's had some adventures...

As mentioned last time,  I stripped the finish and forced a patina...  no signs of rust and I'm confident that this knife holds an edge better than any other I own (02, 1095...  nothing comes close).  Most of my knives suffer a rolled edge or chip every once in awhile,  call it user error - not the case with this one.  Scary scary sharp (and I'm just using a spyderco sharpmaker).

We've cleaned game, camped and popped beer bottles across the country and I've stopped looking at knifes as this is really "the one".

Thanks again for a wonderful tool that's made in the states.


The knife arrived today... on time and exceeding expectations! Fantastic craftsmanship and an honor to use. The Leather Shop work fits the knife both mechanically and aesthetically. My second Treeman Knife and more to come.  Great service.

 Ciao, Tony


Now that's a knife!  Thanks a ton, makes my other Behring's look small😞, guess I need to get a bigger Behring now!


Received chute knife today love it and the sheath is top of the line.Thanks Gary  

Dee, Jim, 

Just wanted to let you know I received my brand new TASS BO Special with new kydex sheath I requested and you even sent me 10 dollars cash for the shipping I paid to send it to you! Your customer service is now legendary to me and I know if I ever have a problem with your blades, you all will take care of me. I could not be happier! This is why you buy american handmade steel! This is why you buy Treeman!


Thank You



I just opened up the package you sent with the sheath fashioned by Treeman Leather Shop for my 1860's I:XL spear point Bowie. The style and leather are both true to period, and , meticulously shaped and sewn; the sheath is reinforced with high end rivets and a keeper strap that are both very handsome. Last night I unwrapped the fossil walrus ice probe skinner fitted with an equally extraordinary, and antiqued, sheath with dark rivets and snap on the keeper strap: truly an appropriate match for a knife with handle material with such age and patina.

As always, I hold your shop's skills in my highest regards. I feel both proud, and very lucky, to be counted among your customers.




Great Service!!! got my Knife this morning that was pretty quick!! Its the 8" Original Comabt and I love it , gonna make me one hell of a Camp Knife. After Christmas is over I plan on getting a Ultra Phalanx 7.5" that matches this knife.
Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!
Kevin H



 I am speechless.  I knew I would be , but this knife far surpasses what I would have ever expected to own. thank you , I look forward to purchasing the combat machete next ;) October 27,2014


You two are class acts! So very gracious. Thank you! 


Please relay to Jim just how special I think his knife is...they all are of course, but this one was really something extraordinary. Quite rare to have the gifts of good design/craftsmanship along with an eye for aesthetics and art. And you take such good care of your customers too! Sure isn't anybody else out there like you two!


Thanks again!

I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again (in the form of another order).











Mr. and Mrs. Behring,

I received my 6" Ultra Phalanx recently and was immediately curious as to why the U. S. military does not issue this knife as standard kit to all sailors and soldiers that have a need for a combat knife. This knife is as close to perfect as you will get. Fit and finish are nothing short of outstanding. Balance is spot on. The generous blade width in combination with it's unbeleivable balance make this not just a knife but an excellent tool for use in the field. The heft of the knife lets you know you have something special in your hand, unlike other manufacturers who mass produce toys. It is lightning fast in the hand and affords a great deal of purchase and security. Micarta handles are just beautiful. Photos do no justice to what you are purchasing. Cerakote treated blades are truly ominous to behold (go for the sawback). I have owned many "high end" knives and they are nothing like this. Customer service also happens to be outstanding. I opted for the kydex sheath which has been padded internally. Did I mention the perfect fit and finsh?

Thanks so much for the finished product and thanks for providing our troops with an extra choice to stay safe in the field.

God bless,











 This knife (Gen II spear point) is beautiful.  The balance is nothing short of what I would have wished for to the 1/100".  The material thickness gives it a weighty confidence that just makes me happy when I hold it.  It feels perfect, balanced ideally between solid and fast.  Thank you also for making a proper guard - I know this takes more material - but well worth it.

When I pick this blade up I know instantly how it is oriented and that my hand will not slip forward over the edge.  The scales are also a positive grip in my hand.  Gloves or bare handed - I know in an instant I have positive purchase on the handle.  The blade coating is also perfectly applied.

Your kydex is also spot on.  Really nice sheath.  The fuzzy lining is a great touch.





I have been using and collecting field / functional knives for 30+ years and this is the 3'rd Treeman blade for me. (behind a d-guard machete [s/n 8] and a mini phalanx).  Your blades are some of the best I have ever handled.


I will not hesitate to pass your name as a recommendation to anyone I know who understands the difference between real tools and a Chinese toys.


Keep up the good work.

Your knives are awesome.


All the best,

Craig M






Hi Deanna & Jim,

Thank you very much for the Recon Hunter knives that you expedited to me for my nephews Army graduation!  The knives are wonderful, and as always, the quality is beyond critique!  I have several blades by only a few really good smiths, and your work is becoming a significant contribution to my collection... I only buy the best, and that's what you do!  So, I thank you folks for creating excellent knives, and a polite, reliable opportunity to do business with you.


Thanks again,


I wanted to thank you for your beautiful work - my wife just presented me with a pathfinder knife and I'm beyond impressed.  The fit and finish are as expected - perfect.  What really has me amped (and the impetus for this note) is the feel.  WOW.  this one will be with me a lifetime.

 Thank you for making a beautiful product and for wonderful customer service (my better half commented twice that you were a pleasure to deal with in requesting a kydex sheath rather than the leather).


Cheers and many thanks,







Hello I got my knives today thank you very much they're everything I expected. blade geometry is outstanding a knife that thick shouldn't cut that good. The combat Bowie is so balance it doesn't feel like a 7 inch blade. You've started an addiction I want a traditional looking skinner now. Thank you again.



     Received the dagger yesterday and have one word, OUTSTANDING! Thanks again for the trade, hard to find dealers that are willing to work with you today. I'm in the EMS field and work with people from all over the state. When asked about knives, Treeman will be on the top of my list. 

                               All the best,



I received my new knife and I am amazed with it ! It is awesome . It fits on duty belt perfect and I could not be happier . Thanks again talk to you soon after the show about the hoof pic.




 Mr Behring,

                Not to long ago I came back from the middle east after 6 1/2yrs some of that time as a private contractor. Now im back home in the guard takin it easy. I had the privilege to receive one of your knives as a gift when I was overseas the ultra phalanx. I have used it extensively and gave it to my son when I arrived home. Now I have some spare time on my hands and would like to start making knives for personal use. If you have time could you give me an example of a good setup for knife making under 5K that is only if you have the time. Your knife came in handy quite a few times and when most knives would have failed yours did a damn good job. I plan on buying 2 of your knives next gun show that rolls through.


Thank you,

           Bobby B




We have bought 3 knives from Treeman Knives. The 8" Combat bowie, Recon hunter and the Combat hunter and let us say these knives are the BADDEST most AWESOME knives in the UNIVERSE! They are prompt, effeicient, and very informative, especially on shipping your product. We don't know where he got the idea for these knives but Jim is a TALENTED GENIUS. (You too Deanna). We have spoken with Jim and Deanna on a numerous occasions and they are the nicest, greatest most helpful people we have had the pleasure to do business with. If you want the best from all angles call these guys and you will not be disappointed. If we wanted to say everything we wanted to about Jim, Deanna and The Treeman knives, there would be no room on the website for anyone else's testimonials. 
It is our honor and privilege to own several of their knives and to know a great craftsman, mastermind and his boss. LOL. We will buy nothing but Treeman Knives from here on out. 
Nothing else compares. We honestly teared up when we received our first Treeman knives. We were in AWE and our truly blessed. 

Thank you so much Jim and Deanna. 
Y'all are the Best

Roy and Kim











If you are looking for a knife that can withstand rigorous use in the field for many generations & double as good investment then look no further.
Treeman knives are handmade one a time by Jim. Not a cookie cutter knife factory!

Jim is all business when he builds a knife. Jim & his wife Dee are fantastic folks to do business with. I am have been lucky enough to own a few of Jim's knives & couldn`t be more pleased. Good old handmade American made products are unfortunately a dying thing. Rest assured, it doesnt get anymore USA made than Treeman Knives. I can guarantee that once you get a Treeman knife in hand then you will find a reason to buy more of them. 

Thank you Jim & Dee!

Sean Walker
Texas, US




Used it for many years almost every day. In my work and in hunting and fishing. Best knife i ever had. Ever! Gave it to my son in a weak moment this fall. Have sharpend it a few times at Fällkniven AB by Peter Hjortberger thats just around here. Think im the onlyone who dosnt have a knife from him thats come in to his shop. Every time i come he ask me if 

I wont get any of hes knifes? Always give him the same answer: Cant see why!! Haha! Looking forward to start use my new knife. Looks and feels fantastic!





Wow!!!!!!!!!thanks for the beautiful knife. It is the second knife I have purchased from you. I am more than happy with it.GREAT JOB did I say WOW!!!!!!!!
Mike Benjamin 
The finger grip hunter was delivered yesterday. You had some really nice knives in the first batch of the new web site. I think I got the best one! What a great knife! All of your knives are very cool and one of a kind but this one is over the top. The finger grip stag handle is truly a work of art. I really like how you left some bark in between the finger grooves. From the compass to the blade tip, this is a classic Treeman knife and the finger grip handle just knocks it out of the park. Great knife Jim!

Dave Anderson
Got the Phalanx today and all I can say is bad f'ing ass! Wow! I am so I impressed. Very nice piece of work. I will be deciding which piece I want next... Thanks for discount too, Sincerely appreciated! 



Now if I just found someone that makes folders this awesome... 



Dear Jim, 


A few days ago I was back home in Athens from Kosovo, with a few days of leave. AndIi found some amazing, awesome packages of combat steel waiting for me.....


Jim , senior member of of the "Treeman" forge........your genious and superlative, unbelievable craftmanship creates the most amazing combat steel that money can buy.......THERE ARE NO BETTER COMBAT KNIVES out there, PERIOD!!!!


All knives just feel so right in my hands Jim, they just inspire so much confidence! And the looks are also just so amazing, the quality of "Treeman" is simply beyond belief, a testimony of times long gone, when real quality was put into instruments of war.....


The Daggers are so fluid and live in hand, the Ultra Phalanx needs no compliments....it's a SEALs instrument of destruction and that says it all! But my biggest surprise was the Original Combat Bowie.....what an amazing belly for cuts, what a strong point for stabbing.....what a beauty it is, especialy with the D-guard!!!!!


Jim "Treeman"Behring, I stand in attention before you and I salute you.


It is an honor and a priviledge having such high-grade cold steel in my hands!


Very respectfully


George K. Efstathiou
Hellenic Army



Hi Jim,
Picked up the Chopper yesterday. One word "Outstanding". Been a purveyor of combat type blades for many years, both in service and civvie street and can't remember the last time a blade felt this good. Really is like an extension of the arm. Will for sure be after some more. Will get my thinking hat on for blade/color combinations.
Many thanks and all the best,



 In my opinion the Recon Hunter is the best hunting knife that money can buy. The drop point style blade is perfect for a field knife. It can take on the tasks that would destroy most knives yet it's controllable enough to do any of the very fine cutting tasks that you may come across. I've got one that I've used for doing everything from skinning deer to opening cans of chili at the campsite to prying boards lose from an old barn that we were tearing down and I've still never had to sharpen it. I've been meaning to buy a new one just like the one that was on the cover of Knife World so I can display it with that signed copy that you sent me. But those pictures you sent me tell it all. If it can field dress a fucking elephant it can do anything!!  Thanks Seth

I have held and owned many knives over the years, but this must the meanest bare-to-the-bone fixed blade that I have ever handled. You feel from the very first second that there is plain nothing that could come down your way that this knife would not handle. The limitations are only with the individual user, not with the knife.

My search for an 'outdoor and utility'-fixed blade is over and I can't wait to put the beauty to use.

Jim, thanks for the great work, design and especially the fit and finish of this knife. Much appreciated!

Take care and god bless,

Dear Mr. Treeman,
I just received the Treeman knife you sent me. This is sinful.  You have
created a monster. I'd trade all my Randall knives for a single Treeman',
and I have a whole bunch of RMK. This is a great knife in all respects. It
took me all of two minutes to have it shaving sharp and ready to go. I
have no words to thank you enough. Shortly you'll be hearing again from me because I'm already coming up with ideas for a new Treeman knife. This knife is way better than I expected.
Thank you so much.

Mr. Behring, I wanted to pass on how I feel about 2 of the best purchases I've ever made. I have looked at your knives for years and finally bought a pair of them through a purveyor named Welze. One was a knife you made, a hammer-marked hunter and a likewise marked camp knife by your son James Jr. Both had the crotch stag butts. Mr. Welze does an excellent job presenting your work and I'd done business with him before. But I was unprepared for how truly beautiful both of those knives appeared to my eye or how true and balanced they felt in my hand. I knew I'd made a very good choice and in also having representations of both father and son's work. But again, to view a combination of superb art and function combined is a rare treat. I'm an artist myself, from a family of them and I believe your work deserves to be recognized. No doubt or wonder you have so many fans. My compliments on you and your son's impressive talent and beautiful knives.


Received my first Treeman knife today...beautiful knife and I
am so pleased and impressed with the quality and can't wait to use it this
hunting season. Thank you and if I can talk my wife into it (and it won't
be hard, she to was impressed too) will be buying again soon! 

Hallo Jim!!!!

well, today the package was picked up by me.....and when i opened it, i just cannot describe my feelings seeing and feeling these 3 knives of yours!!!!

You were so right, photos don't do them justice, the green micarta handles with the silver nickel guards is awesome......and the blade pattern is actually different in all 3 knives!!!!! WhooooHHHH......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and these bad, mean skulls..........

I also liked the SK-2 very much!

And what a nice, classy touch to have my knives in these fantastic-looking James Behring Jr. knife cases, they are so cool!!!!

But what can i also say about the leather sheaths.....????????? both styles are truly masterpieces, I’m just so glad i actually ordered sheaths from both makers! Mosher and Sullivan are GREAT... these guys really enjoy what they do for a living....and so you do!!!!!! its unbelievable!!!!!!

Thank you so much for taking the trouble and talking to the postal office about my troubles, otherwise I’m sure i would have lost my knives.....you have done so much for me guys, words cannot express my gratitude.

And thank you for taking the time and pain to put so much great work in my knives.....results speak for themselves......

Best regards






Mr. Behring, I wanted to pass on how I feel about 2 of the best purchases I've ever made. I have looked at your knives for years and finally bought a pair of them through a purveyor named Welze. One was a knife you made, a hammer-marked hunter and a likewise marked camp knife by your son James Jr. Both had the crotch stag butts. Mr. Welze does an excellent job presenting your work and I'd done business with him before. But I was unprepared for how truly beautiful both of those knives appeared to my eye or how true and balanced they felt in my hand. I knew I'd made a very good choice and in also having representations of both father and son's work. But again, to view  a combination of superb art and function
combined is a rare treat. I'm an artist myself, from a family of them and I believe your work deserves to be recognized. No doubt or wonder you have so many fans. My compliments on you and your son's impressive talent and beautiful knives.






As promised, I am writing a message in response to my husband's reaction to your knife under the Christmas tree. I saved it as the last gift he opened and he was thrilled (when he actually opened the box I had put it in to further hide the shape). He said that until this knife, he felt as if he never actually owned a knife, the quality is so phenomenal. All other knives he's owned feel like toys in comparison.
Naturally, he can't wait until next Christmas when I am supposed to get him yet another of your knives. So I want to say thank you and look forward to being a repeat customer of your magnificent blades. With your knives under the tree I will always be the favorite gift.

~Greatest thanks,


It's AWESOME!!! I took it out of the box and couldn't put it down. I'm thinking I need to be the "Knife of the Month Club". I have been collecting Marbles, Hess, Northwoods, Bark River and Rapid River knives for many years. This is the second knife that I have purchased from you guys and I can safely say that no one out there is making a knife even close to what you guys are putting out.
Keep up the good work. I'm thinking I need one with a compass in the handle. None of the cheap dime store shit.


Sheldon Basnett

Hello Jim,

NOW that is a nice knife! that is craftsmanship! I wiped lead sleeve's for 25 years for the telephone industry before moving inside as a engineer with the Navy. So I know a little about wiping a joint with solder and that wipe on that little knife is beautiful! no dirt specs or pits like you see on Randall's or other knives. If they were still wiping sleeve's you would have no trouble hiring on. A true craftsman made that knife. The sheath is a perfect fit. Now I know why they last about 10 min on your website when you list them. I take pride in everything that leaves my shop and I can see you also do.
Thank you, Phil


Hello Jim,

I received your great knife - today (Sept. 20/2010). I must say; the workmanship of you & your Father is astounding! It's nice to know that such knife making skills & dedication are still being practiced today. I also must thank you for your kindness in allowing me to exchange one knife for another - this, you didn't have to do; & I respect you for that! Your coworker, Mr. Mosher is also quite talented as well. I'm very happy with his pouch sheath with the flower/curling fern design & the black side lace up gives it a nice final touch! The combining of your knife with His sheath is truly a perfect combination! By making a knife such as yours; you have now forged another happy camper both literally & figuratively!  As I will put this useful tool to good use. I would like to order one of your bird & trout knives in the future as a companion to the one you just made. So I'll call you when I save up some more coin. By the way if I may be so bold to say, James - I think you make a great P/R man for You & Your Father's Knife Shop. Dealing with your customers you seem to have just the right amount of easy going personality as well as an up beat attitude to go along with it!  It's been nice dealing with you & looking forward to the future. All the best to you all!

Most Sincerely, Petar



I received the package yesterday evening......I just wish I had on an Adult Depends diaper.....I pretty much shit my pants!!  This is an amazing knife and also feels incredible in the hand.  The triple black linen handles.....WOW!  I can not tell you how much I appreciate the time you took to talk about handle materials and links you sent for info on your knives...you can add an extremely satisfied customer to your list.  (a long list I'm sure). 

I also wanted to thank you for the mil discount......my brother WILL have the best over there and for that I thank you and all at Treeman knives!!

The icing on the cake.....the Loud Pipes Save Lives patch......I knew there was another reason I gravitated to your knives.  That patch will be staying with me!!

Thanks again for everything and take care


Thanks !  Really unique knife......

By the way....I neglected to comment on the heavy blade 7-inch hammermark knife that I bought several weeks back [photo attached], made by your Dad.  What a hell of a knife!!  You guys sometimes comment in the knife description that such and such a knife is one of those knives that came out as the pick of the litter.  Let me tell you, this 7-inch hammermark is definitely one of those!  The stag is exceptional and the knife, in its entirety, is one of the best Behrings I have seen to date.  GREAT job!!!  Larry



My knife arrived last Thursday safe and sound. What magnificent
workmanship!! It is more beautiful than I had hoped for. Masterfully
crafted with fit and finish second to none. You guys really know what
knife making is all about. This beauty holds THE place of honor in my

Thank you so much,
Gary Kleinheim
Pueblo, Colorado


  Howdy Jim,

Received the Skinner with stag handle and compass today. Every style of knife that you have made that ends up in my home is of the highest quality and beauty that one can expect from the forging of metal and materials. The Skinner is unexpectedly heavy/sturdy and is the perfect tool for taking large game apart, or removing the hand of an attacking intruder with a well placed defensive stroke. The Skinner will join the rotation of your knives on my cartridge belts.


Deadman Walking, SASS# 42086

AKA: Kent

 A satisfied customer is the best measure of success any craftsman can have. We are appreciative of the time some of our own customers took to let us know how they feel about the knives they've purchased from Treeman, and would like to share with you excerpts from some of letters we've received. 

Hi Jim,

Just to say, my Hammermark Musk Ox Alaskan arrived yesterday. Everything about this knife is sheer poetry: hammer finish, grinds, stunning handle material, exquisite sheath-work from Jack, perfect fit and finish, hand-feel and geometry of grip to blade for real world tasks.

I'm itching to get it out there. It'll be christened on a wooden sloop up the Thames this weekend then I'm stalking Red Deer hind middle of next month.

I'm hard-pressed to believe anyone anywhere is making better serious users that combine beauty and function like this.

More power to you and the family!


 WOW is the only word that came to mind when I unsheathed that knife. Amazing attention to detail, grind lines that actually match up, outstanding finish, and I was also astounded by the quality of the sheath."WOW!" And for only $750.00. But it was the way you brought the knife I had envisioned to life that really impressed me. The guard and handle really look much better than I had hoped, and I'm glad you didn't go with the lugged guard as I think it wouldn't have looked as good as it does now. But again, the Blade, that is the way I had hoped it would turn out. And it did. The heft is good for camp work, but light enough for all day carry, the blade has enough reach and leverage for chopping, plus it just looks wicked as hell. I will be sure to tell my buddies about you and your web site. Most are military, retired military, or hunters. Thanks again, and if by chance I save up a little money that the wife don't know about, I may be sending another order.

God Bless, SFC David M. Koch

Hello Jim, I just wanted to write and let you know I received the knives yesterday and I am really pleased by your work and craftsmanship of both especially the crotchstag fighter.  It will surely be held as one of my favorite, and prized knives and a future hand me down in my family.The combat hunter is one heck of a knife as well I'm glad i was able to get my hands on one (in fact I'm tempted to get one of the combat fighters as well). I Hope to keep in touch with you and get some more of your great knives, I seriously have to say I like them more than a Randall. You and JR keep up the great work and customer service and have a good weekend. Take care.

Louis Viera


Wow what a knife! Never seen anything like it, ever! My english isn´t good enough to describe what I feel, but im 35 years old and feel like a a kid again. Looking forward to the hunting season even more now.



I received your Combat Knife, (trade for the Astro). I must tell you that this is one of the absolute finest Combat knives that I have ever held, absolutely fantastic.  I thank you (both Jims) and hope that the Astro  trade meets your satisfaction....it's a good seller.

Respectfully, Tim Gudakunst


It just arrived and what a beauty !!!! Awesome workmanship and balance. It pays to be well prepared. This is prepared in Aces !!! Thank you for your interest and time to make such a piece of functional art.

Col. Sidney B. Jackson, MC, CFS


Jim, I just received the trout and bird knife today. What a beauty! It's the perfect size for fishing and duck hunting. This knife will get plenty of use. Thanks for making the knife. All the best. 


Jim, Howdy from Texas!  Here is some of the pictures from my Africa hunt.  As you can see we used Treeman Knives on the animals.  They worked great!  I have a picture of my P.H.  when I gave him his first Treeman Knife. I took nineteen animals in all.  I had a blast!  One thing I can't be without is my Treeman Knife, they slice and dice from start to finish.  The skinner was always wanting to use my knife to gut and cape.  He said it worked better than any of the knives he had. Thanks again for your hard work on the knives you can't get any better!!!

Johnny Warren   

I am loving mine, BTW.  It's the terminator of knives. A good knife is a tool and can be elegant, beautiful  and even art. But  I like / need   function.  and the combat knife I got... well ,if you are going to toss me in the woods or jungle it's coming with me!  I have a lot of knives High to low..... I like  Kabar's   next generation  and Becker( which has crossed over with the demise of camilus to ka-bar  ...cheap , tough and and like a jeep. ( But they don't hold an edge.) YOUR combat knife is like a tricked out, armored  humvee with dual m-2 guns and a grenade launcher.... HELL-AV-U tough knife!!!!!!!!!! AND holds an edge!  amazing!  But then i think every knife I have gotten from you is pretty amazing : )



Just awesome, awesome.  I do not know where to start.  The stag is great, the ridge under the handle fits just right, the wide palm spacers are great.  The thin blade is perfect for skinning and boning out meat.  I love it!  So if you have not started the Woodcrafter or the fighter, put them on the back burner and make me the same knife in a 4-1/2" sticker with thin blade and spacers, everything the same.  Also, tell Jack he is a great sheath maker.  You guys are the greatest.  I am going to have to kill something very soon and use it.

Thanks again, TK


Hey James, whats up? You remember that big ivory handled camp knife your dad made? This fall, its not going to skin a bear its going to  take one! I got good info on one huge mofu black bear that will top 800 pounds live...AND I WANT IT! That will make for some great pics your photo gallery, great PR for you guys, and for me, a huge rug. If a 120 pound Kenyan can spear a Lion, A Canadian can stab a fucking bear! Will keep you posted.


Dear Jim, I received the knives today, and they're everything I expected. Thank you for making them for me, and I'll try very hard to get some good pictures this season showing your knives in use. Thanks again for such quick service, and I hope I'll be able to make another order in the not so far off future.

Jim,  I own alot of Knives, and you know that, but have decided to sell off what I have and I'm only keepin' a handful and then there are my six Treeman Knives which I will never sell, I want to be able to leave my son a piece of both history and an even bigger piece of a legacy, to give to him a knife that is handmade with both blood and sweat, and can stand up to all of the abuse and use I myself can dish out. Thank you both, Jim and JR, for makin' such an outstandin' and top notch piece of steel, and I can say this without hesitation.
Thanx again, Joe

Just visited the site. Saw the "blood and steel" post -- Dayummmm!  Hope y'all have a good Doc as a customer - maybe you could trade out a custom elephant handle scapel for a few stitches.  A huntin buddy of mine used to work in a chicken processing plant -- he was down to 7 fingers when he realized he needed to find a new career. You guys do great work -- please be careful, we knife nuts need you ; )


Dear Jim,

I recall meeting you at the Parker show in Pigeon Forge in December of 2005, it was a highlight of the show for me.  I had purchased a couple of your knives and was very impressed with them.  We exchanged the normal how do you do's and engaged in knife talk for a few minutes and then at some point I asked "are you a mastersmith?"  I learned -- wrong question to ask Jim Behring!  I meant nothing by it, it was simply a nervous question asked by an admirer that hadn't done his homework.

Your response was, "I don't need some club to tell me I make a good blade." That question was a conversation killer; you excused yourself and went over to Perry Miller's table.  That scene has run through my mind many times now for years.  I now know exactly what you meant and I hope you don't hold that dumb question against me.

You are the maker that inspired me to go for it, and start making knives.  It's been an exciting endeavor for me and I love it!  Maybe at some show many years from now I will be asked that same question, for which I will have the answer.

Regards,  Gary Music

Jim ,what a beautiful knife. It is gorgeous and will be treasured by us. It is well balanced and feels terrific in the hand.The sheath was extra nice and thanks much.We have several of your knives and this one in my opinion exceeds the others. Your craftmanship is extraordinary and much appreciated. Now into the safe.

Thanks again,
Tom and Brian

My Treeman Knife is my Partner.  When I walk in woods I can count on my Knife to get me out. On the short list of items that are on a  "MUST HAVE" List My Treeman Combat Knife is FIRST...........
Joe Dishaw
02 February 2009


Hi Jim:

Arrived safe & sound, thanks for a tremendous service once again. What a superb knife!! It must surely be the very definition of  'Bird & Trout'. Each of the knives I have from you is a masterpiece in its own right and this one is no exception.  It's hard to see anything that could be improved, the knives you are producing at this time must certainly be the best you have ever produced to date, flawless! I have four now and I am sure there will be more to come.

Best regards from the UK,
Tim Evans

Jim ,

My Most Sincere thanks to you both, another Outstanding Experience with Treeman Knives.  You have what this country has very few of, guys who own a very well established business and treat their customers like they are your neighbors and friends and you go above and beyond to ensure the customers satisfaction.  Thanx again, I will ENJOY My 4th Treeman Knife as much as the others, and I will be looking to order more.
Whitetails Tremble When They Hear MY Name,

Hello Jim , hope all is well! Think it´s time to send greetings from the South of Germany! It’s a nice idea [the Workshop pages] to show your customer how much work has to be done to finish a knife.

I feel lucky to have known about your work for a couple of years now. The first Treeman I bought is on your archived design page, second row, second from right. The design development and quality of craftsmanship is fascinating. I think you have moved from Scagel’s style to your own Treeman style, but always remembering your roots. That’s old school, along with the trust with which you run your business.  That mixture of tool, art and personality make your knives objects in high demand, a piece of the Old West in a cyber age.

It’s not only the knife, it is the whole package. A very good knife has to be carried in a very good sheath, so the sheath maker also has to be commended. A Treeman knife and a Mosher sheath are an unbeatable package. Please send Mr. Mosher my greetings, too.

Now I hope you both will find some time for vacation, besides all the work. Thank you for helping; each time I need a knife urgently, you manage to get one for me.

Best regards, Stefan

Dear Jim - Just received your  5 3/4" fighter with the premium stag and compass and it is gorgeous.  I have been a Randall collector for years and I can honestly say that your knife feels better in my hand than any of the Randall knives do.  I was so impressed that I bought two more of your fighters from dealers in Arizona!!  I can not put them down.  Works of art, all of them.

Thanks, Blair

Jim, I really do appreciate you taking the time to write me back, as I know you are very busy. I usually get home at 6pm and spend time with my son (he's 7) and check my computer last after eating dinner with the family. I thank you for offering to email me when you have a bird & trout ready, I understand that you probably get a lot of people trying to contact you, so I’ll try and purchase through that channel and get lucky before the next batch is bought up.

I make knives myself, (pretty much as a hobby and a way to use my hands creatively).  I spoke with you on the phone about a year ago, and you helped me with my 01 tempering method. Thank you, that really did help.  I have recently starting forging but work only on weekends. It's a little hard to make knives when I'd rather be spending time with my son. As a result, I only make 20 to 25 knives a year. And some of those, I give away to hunting friends.

I admire your philosophy and you are a real inspiration (hope you don't mind me saying so). I'm glad there is someone else who believes you don't have to own a “Master Smith title in some club to produce nice work and make other people happy.

If you're ever up my way, (Killingworth, CT) give a shout; my family likes to throw steaks on the grill and open some beers when friends come knockin'.

All my best, Chris

  Your knife was waiting for me at the post office after work today.  WHAT A FUCKIN FIGHTER!!!!!  Dude, this thing fits my hand like you cast the handle from my own grip!!! Take a bow, my young knifemaker.  You did GOOD!!!  Thanks, 

Kevin Atkison, Seattle 

P.S. When I grow up, I want to be like YOU.  You're my hero.

Hi Jim - I received your knife late Saturday and, as expected, it was spectacular.  I have a lot of knives, but most are beautiful combinations of metals, other manmade materials and natural components.  Only a few have the "feel" and seem to possess their own "soul."  I now have two of yours and both have those qualities.  I think it tells me a lot about the maker.  Thank you!



Jim - I got the Camper...all I can say is WOW.  It is one heck of a knife...I love it, you are a great maker.  Thanks for a good trade, I hope you really love the Ruana.  I can tell you, I really like this big one alot...I might have to have you make me one even BIGGER!  I'll start saving my coins for that one, because we are more than square.  God Bless, and if I dont talk to you, good luck hunting this coming winter..I am going out with a recurve all winter...no guns.  What the heck, I figure I'll give it a shot. 



Thanks Brother -I printed a couple of examples of your knives and showed then to some of the guys here in the unit.  We all agree that they are hands down the best looking knives on the market.  I really appreciate you squaring me away.  Just let me know if you need anything else from me.



Hello Jim! Got both the fighters on Tuesday - They are AWESOME! I've been buying, selling & collecting for almost 20 yrs now and I have to tell you that these are two of the best made knives I've come across! No one makes em' like this anymore!! And you were right; that larger compass in the handle of the 7" fighter is really neat! I haven't seen any like those except in some of the old Randalls!
Thank you so much for the knives and for the handsome cases you sent with them!  Do you have any hunters available with a 4 to 5 inch blade?
Kind regards, Luke Miller


This is a message for James junior. Hello again. You may or may not remember the first tine I emailed you with lavish praise for your superb craftsmanship. Anyway now I've gone and done it again with another purchase from Miles Welze which I can barely afford!  You will no doubt already be aware of a certain number of your recent 6" fighters which carry the blade stamp upside down?! I must confess that I will shortly be the proud owner of one of them, and it is safe to say that it is quite easily the most beautiful and awesome blade I have ever seen - bar none.

Thank you so much for your superb smithing, styling, design and finish - I can't find the right words to convey to you just how excited I am about this one. As I said last time, if by any remote chance I am ever in your neck of the woods I would consider it an honour to visit with you and take the tour of the family workshop. Treeman knives are in a league of their own, believe me.

With warm regards to you and Jim senior,

Marcus Lidell
West Cornwall UK





Knife just came in the mail!  All I can say  is WOW.  I really think this is the nicest knife that I have EVER held!!!!! Not to big or too small, just right! I dont know how you could top this one!   Later, John




Guys, this knife has got to be the coolest damn squirrel cutting knife I have ever seen.  I can't wait to cut my deer steak with it tonight.  Thanks so much, I really love it.  So long for now, TK


I got my knife last night. O MY God. The friggin thing is beautiful! Incredible. It is more than I expected. Thank you very much, I consider it a true honor to own one of your knives. You are a master craftsman in my eyes. And as I suspected, one knife from you will not be enough. Again, thank you.  Rocky H.




The knife arrived today, no problems, don't really know what to say about this one except to thank you sincerely again for offering me the chance to own it, it's one hell of a knife, really superb, something to be proud of, outstanding quality!  Best Regards, Tim




They always go so fast!  Looking for one of your creations with a 3" or lesser blade length, trout/bird style. Handle balanced to blade size.  The knife I bought from you a few weeks back went through a U.P. whitetail like a buzz saw, & ready for more! Made my 3-5 Randy look like a butterknife. Thanks, Pete




Hi Guys, [just received] another masterpiece, I think these fighters are more than likely to become little pieces of history.
Thanks, Michael




Dear Jim, I just wanted to say thanks again.  The Trout and Bird knife is a beauty. I gave it to my son and though you may be horrified to know it, he's been using it for everything from digging up worms to whittling down sticks. He even throws it into his hockey bag and uses it to cut the old tape from his stick. But it seems to come through it all with gusto to spare, none the worse for the wear, and takes an edge like there's no tomorrow.

I hope you'll be happy to learn that it will be used for more suitable purposes in a few weeks when it finds its way around a few cottontails.

To my mind, you just can't find a better workmanlike knife than a Treeman. A Treeman knife is all you'll ever need.

All the best and thanks again for another wonderful tool, Gary


Hi ,

The 3 works of art arrived on Monday andI have been ogling them ever since. I opened your knife first JR, and I could not be more pleased. Super job! Thank you!

Next opened what I will call the bigger, badder Tom Selleck special - WOW!

Finally, opened the 6" Hunter w/cocobolo & fossil walrus ivory - YOU WERE'NT KIDDING WHEN YOU SAID THIS WAS SOMETHING WE HAVE NOT SEEN BEFORE! AWESOME!!

Like the subject of this note says " Great, Greater & Greatest "!!!! Thanks to you and your Dad.  You are the " GO TO " Guys of the knife world !
Very best regards, IAN KING



You guys are probably getting bored of my hymns of praise to your work but I got my fossil ivory hunter today.  When I get one of your knives, there's no greater impulse but to use it, the thing no less than hums in the hand with hand-forged life. Those hollow grinds have sheer purpose and the fit in the hand is so sweet that it instantly makes me feel wrong for holding it out the package and not on the moor. I've been using your knives for a few years now and they are the best hunting knives I've ever used and I've used a few.

This year I'll make my annual stalk of the noble Highland Red Deer with my old friend.  We'll find him, we'll stalk him and we'll kill him. My friend and I had blood on our heads a long time ago but we never feel less than the same respect we did when we were kids.

You guys make a beautiful and solid tool that transcends the description.  The only one I haven't got yet is one of James' Bird and Trout. Save my pennies and I'll be back soon. 

Good luck and God bless,



I have just purchased my first Jim Behring. knife (from Miles Welze on eBay) and I am so impressed with the craftsmanship I wanted to say so in person. It is a 3.75" bird-and-trout and I have never handled a more lovingly hand-crafted piece - it is just beautiful. The heft and balance are second to none in my experience and it will be the centrepiece of my (small) collection from now on and also my carry-of-choice. This email is a token of appreciation from a UK knife enthusiast who knows enough to recognise the real deal when he sees it. My thanks to Jim junior, and my deep respect to his dad for passing on his own legendary skills almost like an old-fashioned apprenticeship. And you know what? The boy has graduated in style and is now every inch a contender in his own right! I hope I am not boring you with this stuff, but you know if I was ever in your neck of the woods I would consider it a great honour to take a guided tour of the Behring workshop - if that were possible. Thank you again for everything.

Your friend in West Cornwall UK,
Marcus Lidell


Jim , I used one of your 5" skinners this season. I just could not resist. Got tired of looking at such a great knife and just had to use it!! The knife held an edge like none I have used and resharpened with very little effort. I would like to have a small one in a 3" blade. If you have any available save one for me at the blade show.  Look forward to seeing you both.




Take care, Rich



I have a friend here in Arizona who is a custom maker, but he hardly ever makes segmented handles.  Occasionally he makes a knife with two different handle materials, but never more than that.  Can't wait to see him next to show him some of your handy-work.  I believe he'll be floored.




By the way, did I ever tell you how SHARP your blades are?  Why can't other makers get their knives sharp.  Sometimes I buy knives that have such mediocre edges, I have to touch them up before using them.  Your knives, however, can be used to shave with right out of the mail.  Some makers need to get the word and work on that part of their art.




Have a great day...









Just to qualify - I've just got back from Scotland's North Western Highlands - it's pretty wild, nothing like you have across the States but wild enough. I'll be off again in a couple of months - I must send you a photo - I bet most of those ivories get collected rather than worked.




I thought I'd break out the ivory camp that had been itching to get out of the sheath for months. The knife went through heavy, dense Scots pine like matches for firewood - it sliced through a few unlucky saplings to knock together a quick shelter and incidentally neatly sliced up a venison backstrap and a few carrots for my dinner. The knife is not only a work of art but a properly serious tool. I've used dozens of camp knives from some of the best and ended up moving them on when they didn't quite perform. That ivory is never going anywhere.




After four days out chopping and slicing I got it home, gave it a few swipes with a DMT fine hone and a good wipe with a Tuf-cloth, it looked like it had hardly left the shop and is sharp as a whispered curse all over again.




I had to move a couple pieces from my collection to get that knife but it was well worth it, they don't come better than this.




All the best guys, keep 'em comin....








 Hello Jim,




I just had a look on your page and saw this 9" Studebaker knife.  Really a very very nice knife. Congratulation!  It´s,by the way,exact the knife I´m waiting for.  It seems to me it´s a knife for hard use and not for cutting plastic water bottles.(In the latest issue of Knives Illustrated, the only American Knife mag.available here, I read about these contests and I was astonished,because I did not know,that there are such contests. The last Treeman knife, a 5 7/8 hunter, I bought from Jerry Hagman, for which Jack Mosher made an extra sheath, was used in several outdoor and hunting activities, and you can still shave your forearm, if you need to do this, without resharpening.  Thank you for creating such useful and good looking knives. 




Best Regards from South Germany!






I've got one of your skinners that I used to skin 4 whitetail this year.  It's the best skinning knife I've ever used.  After the 4th deer, it was finally dull enough to where it wouldn't shave hair.  A few minutes with some 1200 grit paper I have taped to a mouse pad and it was shaving sharp again.  That's what I really like about the convex grind, it's simple to resharpen.

Hi again Jim:  Got the camp. Wow! A quantum leap in Treeman's work - same classically functional blade geometry and sweep but that ivory is gorgeous. I can't wait to get it out to the camp.
I had a small collection of knives by various top makers - I've moved them all on in favour of focusing on a small number of Treemans only. In my opinion you guys are doing some of the best work anywhere. 

Thanks again, Mike


Hi Jim:  I got the camp knife yesterday.  Another beautiful knife!  The spacer configuration is perfect.  I don't know how you keep it straight.  You are a real artist.  I especially like the way you always finish the stag with a buffed look that is almost mirror like. 
I've never held a Bill Scagel knife, but I can't imagine that his would be any better if as good.
Thanks again, Dan 


Gentlemen, What can I say...Bravo!!  Got the mini in the mail today and I love it.  I've smiled so much today my face muscles are sore.  Thank you.  My five year old son yelled out "a wittle Tweeman just my size" when I opened it.  It looks great in his tiny hand.  I sent a j-peg to Big Dad and he called me immediately.  Maybe a touch jealous!!!   You guys are Kings among men.

Thanks, Robert


Jim and James:  You guys are the best.  This is one bad ass knife.  The balance is perfect, the stag is outrageous!  This is the best feeling knife I have held.  Thank you so much.  I'm very thankful you took the time to make me this knife.  And thanks for the hat, I will wear it to the Blade show.  All I have left to say is WOW! 



"Dear Jim  WOW!!!!!!! and GOLLEY!!!!  You have made this man very happy. The knife is a work of art and I couldn't be any happier. The Mosher case is also super.  I will call Monday to say this again.  Thanks for the letter, patch, and case. Class Act all the way.  Thanks... Thanks... Thanks.  This will replace your first knife I have as my computer wall paper!!!"


"A million thanks for the absolutely beautiful knife.  I really will cherish it.  I know Gordon collects Marbles, but I was never interested in any knife until I saw the beautiful work you do."

Thanks again, Willo


"I wanted to let you know that I used one of your knives this year to clean and skin a pronghorn antelope that a buddy of mine bagged.  Your knife was a pleasure to use, effortless balance. incredible edge holding ability even after cutting through tough antelope hair.  I was amazed at what a perfectly designed cutting tool it really is.  I'm so proud of it though that I spent a large amount of time making sure it was clean and spotless when I got home.  It was a tought decision to actally use what I consider to be a work of cutlery art, but after seeing it in my hand covered in antelope blood and hair still looking as beautiful as ever, I'm glad I had the opportunity to see not only the beauty but the functionality of this impeccable piece of steel.  Thanks for doing what you do, I admire your skill a great deal.  If  you are ever out in the New Mexico area please look me up, I'd love to show you some of our wild high desert country and share some coffe and hunting stories."

Regards, Tom

"Jim and son,

I received the knife Saturday, but didn’t get a chance to open the package until today, and I am immediately moved to send you this email.


This knife, your 9” Treeman Camp, is by far the nicest I have ever held.  I have about 30 Randall Made knives and dozens of assorted others (De Leon, S&M, Chris Reeve, AG Russell, Queen, Case, etc.) but your knife tops them all, easily. 


It is undoubtedly the most beautiful piece of cutlery I've ever owned.  The knife is clearly a work of art and frankly, blows me away.


I couldn’t be more delighted—it is all that I expected (from the pictures) and so much more.  You and your son are artisans of the highest degree and I am elated and proud to own such a great piece of American Art."


Sincerely, Gary H.


"Jim. & Family,
I was checking out your website and the latest batch of 'treeman' knives, which I always search
for while checking, about every other day, for the last 7-8 months, as is my typical routine on the internet, and as always, miss the (i'll beat the crowd one of these days) knife I am looking for... And while reading through your very COOL & HEART felt description of the knife, YOU mentioned a few  IMPORTANT & PROFOUND words about this fine country! I for one, am very, very pleased that you LOVE this country the way you do!.. I Sure do wish I could see and hear more good folks speak out LOUD & CLEAR the way you do on the REAL sacrifices that our BROTHERS and SISTERS in arms are making on a daily basis!!... I do this quite a bit in my daily life, to make sure my kids and everyone else around me understands that FREEDOM is NOT FREE! It COSTS us all in LIVES and RESOURCES!!  Most everyday people just DO NOT get it!!.. And so many of these folks take this aspect of AMERICA'S GREATNESS for granted!! And I am DAMN SICK OF IT!!!  So I talk LOUD & PROUD!!.. Nice to see you do the same. Keep it up my friends!!
Sorry to ramble a bit... Just wanted to say THANKS!!!!!!"
May God Bless You All 4 Ever, Tony
P.S. semper fi!


"I got the knife yesterday. Simply unbelievable!!  The best work I have ever seen.  You are an amazing artist.  I really appreciate the knife and the way it fits my hand.  I will be looking for more (my brother wants one).  Thanks Again."  Greg


"Jim,  I just received my first Treeman knife from you and I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it.  I have been trying to get one of your knives for quite some time and it was definitely worth the wait!!!!!!!  When I picked up the knife it felt like a natural extension of my hand and the balance is perfect.  As you know, this knife is one of your Scagel style Hunters with 5 1/4 in blade in O1 steel and it is one fine piece of work.  My wife rarely pays any attention at all when a new knife arrives at our house as she has grown accustomed to my addiction to knives.  When she saw this Treeman knife however, she said, "Now that is a beautiful knife". She actually picked it up and admired it and kept talking about the quality of workmanship in the knife.  I am very impressed with your craftsmanship and the great quality and balance of this knife.  The sheath is a replica of the pancake style sheath that Heiser made for William Scagel's knives and it is of top quality as well.  I am proud to own one of your fine knives and if Mr. Scagel could see this knife, he would be very pleased!!!!  As I mentioned earlier, this is the first one of your knives that I have owned, but it won't be my last.  Thanks for making a GREAT KNIFE."  Wayne Miller


"Jim, I got your knife yesterday. This is the best knife I ever put my hand on. It's like shaking your best friend's hand. The quality of workmanship is excellent. Thank you very much. I will treasure it forever, then I will pass it on to my grandson someday.   Thanks."  Royce Gregory



"I got the knife and man, you sure make a beautiful knife.  It's beyond words.  Dr. Lucie can't hold a candle to you.  Thank you, my friend, and I'll see you in Tenn. at the Parker Show.  Thanks again."  Bill C.



"Finally got ahold of one of your knives. Had to pay a bit of a premium but it was all worth it.  Picked it up on Ebay through Steve Peters. Your work is exceptional, but I've always thought that.  I got a 5" hunter all dressed out in nickel silver with some serious crown stag on the end. I almost don't even want to use it. Bottom line, you are a master at what you do, turning hot metal into such beauty is a true gift.  Regards."  Alan

"I took my Bark River to our knife club meeting last and it received pretty favorable reviews from all quadrants.  Most of the guys who favor users really liked it and several of the dealers were impressed also.  You may be getting some inquiries in th near future."  Mike M.


"Just wanted to let you know that I received your Scagel Bird & Trout. Great knife. I'm so glad I stumbled on your site at the right time. Your skill should be commended, and your customer service is top notch. Thank you. I'm sure you'll hear from me again."  David Tran


"This has got to be the fastest order response in history. I love your website - easy to use. If found it doing a web search for De Leon knives. I notice that you have a couple of them on ebay also. I think Mr. De Leon is one of the best makers in the country. I met him here in Houston at the Houston Gun Collectors Show where he had a table. I have several of his knives already. Thanks for carrying his knives."  Larry Altman


"I was fortunate to be able to meet you and acquire one of your knives at the knife show in Cambridge, Ohio last November. I must tell you it is my favorite knife (and I have many knives, including a half-dozen Randalls, a couple of Ruana, plus others), as the quality and balance place it above the others. The only ones I have that come close are an M-stamped Ruana sticker and a John Etzler cable damascus camp knife. I also enjoy your web site and look forward to adding more knives to my collection from those you have yet to sell (or make!). Keep up the good work." Dan Campbell

"Just got my hands on one of your 6" camp knives. Never thought I could love any knife other than a Randall (or Scagel of course). Was wrong! Applaud your skill and talent." Ron

"Jim's designs show he has a great eye for function and proportion, and he has the ability to put it all together. Hold one in your hand, and you connect to it right away. His knives talk to you, and they are tough! They all get tested on 3/4" pine flooring or dry oak logs before the final finishing. He reveres the great knife makers of history and, in turn, is respected and admired by his fellow makers. Each Scagel style knife he makes is a tribute to the Old Master. Jim's knives prove the old saying, 'the most beautiful distance between two points is a curved line.'" Walt Zacharias

"I must commend you on your page for the explicit reason that after looking at many other Web sites concerning knives, the Treeman Knives site really sends out a personal feel. Many other sites are very "sterile" and so modern that they seem to run into one another as you look at them. I'm sure you were waiting for my seal of approval anyway, so you go right ahead and add my raves and kudos to your testimonials. God Bless America!!!!" Bill Washetas

"I just toured your web site and had to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Great job! Easy to get around in and, of course, GREAT KNIVES! I am so proud to display your knife in my store. I tell people with all sincerity that I believe you will go down in history as one of the great knifemakers of our time. I am a knifemaker as well as a collector and am about as critical as they come on what makes a good knife. If ever you have time to stop in and visit when you are up in the U.P. just let me know." Brian Harrison, BFH Knives

"When a person invests in a Treeman Knife, they are buying into the foundations of genuine ‘Made in America’ pride. Jim does business the old-fashioned way, with a handshake. His no-nonsense, ‘build-it-to-last’ work ethic is reflected in every knife that leaves the shop. And not every knife drawn from the forge does leave the shop. Jim tests his knives – mercilessly. If they don’t meet his uncompromising standards for everlasting durability, they are scrapped.

Over the years I’ve bought and sold a bunch of handmade knives from America’s finest makers. I have bought a number of Treeman Knives as well – but I have never sold a Treeman. For me, parting with one of my Treeman Knives would be like selling an heirloom. I’m positive any one of Jim’s knives would have been my Grandfather’s favorite. Some things I just can’t put a price on." Jon Drews

"Thanks! I love the knife! It holds a great edge. I almost felt guilty using it, as it looks as good as it feels. I know some of those collectors out there would disagree, but I’ve always believed a new knife wasn’t “Good Luck” until it was used. This Treeman Knife has great balance! We took a little buck at my buddies’ place just outside of Custer National forest. The knife cut like a scalpel and held an edge. The antlers from this buck will make a nice pair of Filet Knife handles. Put my name on the “waiting list” for a few more blades... Thanks Again." Drew C.

"Imagine for a minute or two that you have an opportunity to hold and own a specially handcrafted historical knife that only a few collectors have ever had a chance to own... that is what it is like to handle and own a knife that Jim "Treeman" Behring makes, mostly in the style of William Scagel! That style is just a small sample of what Jim is capable of making with his huge pool of talent and the unsurpassed high quality of workmanship that is equal to any I have seen and far beyond most knife makers of today - perhaps the very best around, and in such a short period of time! Knife collectors in 2042 will look back in time, just as we did with William Scagel and a few others, and will decide that Jim Behring knives were one of the very few that did indeed stand the test of time for quality, workmanship and value!!!" Ken R.

"I have purchased two knives made by Jim for my son Matt. Mathew is my knife collector. He has always had a fascination with knives and has started quite a collection. We do not know a lot about knives, what makes them collectable or drives their price. We buy those that catch our eye. Jim's knives catch your eye, they're BIG – meaty and at first glance you would expect to be very heavy but they 're not. They are lighter than you might expect and very well balanced. I believe this is due to his forging process. In Jim's case, it is not so much which one catches your eye because they all do, they're beautiful - NO two alike but which one catches your sense of feel… I pick them up and it's like they talk to you. My problem is that I like them all. They are extremely nice knives." Michael Melton

"The little axe is really neat. I love the grind lines and shape. You have a real eye for design. There is not a flat line surface anywhere on the piece with the exception of the guard. The is always movement in the piece. That is what I like about your knives. Your inspiration is Scagel but the work is yours." Charlie

"My jaw dropped in awe when I opened the package and saw the knife in the sheath. I absolutely love the knife - in fact, I think it's my all-time favorite. It's as if you read my mind. The blade style, handle, sheath are all gorgeous. I will never let this one go. I send you my highest accolades, and best wishes that you achieve your knife-making goals, whatever they are. Thank you." Jeff C.

"Top drawer, first class and best of the best!... to say the least, I am crazy about this knife... this knife of yours on initial evaluation surpasses all the emotions and values that I have placed in a knife for these past 23 years... I would have to like a person a whole lot to let go of one of your knives as a gift to them." Frank


"Just wanted to let you know that I received one of your 9" camp knives... great piece of work and I feel honored to be the new owner of one of your knives... keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to my next one." Steve E.