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Michigan Hunting Time Expo January 26th-28th

Delta Plex Arena Grand Rapids MI 

MAAC Michigan Antique Arms Collectors

FEB 3rd 4th

Suburban Showplace Novi MI





Featured products

Treeman Trout and Deer Brass butt!

Perfect size everyday carry!!

J.Behring Treeman Handmade Big Bay Hunter Red Stag Brass hardware

5 1/2" hand Forged Blade Brass Butt Cap

J. Behring Handmade BIG SIX Hunter Stag/Stag

American Buffalo Sheath

J. Behring Handmade Treeman Huron Hunter Anvil Stamp Horse Hide Crotch Stag

Old School random spacer arrangement 30 plus !

J. Behring Nesmonk Hunter Sambar Stag

Horsehide Lined sheath

J. Behring Treeman handmade 5" Hunter / Sticker

Hand forged Sambar Stag- Brass Butt Cap

Treeman handmade Mackinaw Hunter

4 3/4" Handforged Double Brass Guard
Treeman Tactical Combat Knives