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J.Behring 7" Camp knife Studebaker spring steel Crown

Nice .250" hammermark heavy duty leather Crown stag!

AAA Treeman 5" Alaskan Semi skinner Hammermark Copper Musk OX!!

Ostrich inlay sheath with Rocco signature antiqued finish!!

Treeman 6" Camp Knife Sambar Stag

Brass guard and butt cap!

J. Behring Handmade Drop Tine Hunter

5 3/4" Forged Blade Brass guard & Butt cap

J. Behring Handmade Trout & Deer RED Stag Copper Guard

4 5/8" Blade Beaver Tail Sheath

J. Behring Handmade DBL Skull Fighter RED STAG from HELL !

7 1/4" Hand Hammered Spring Steel AAA RED Stag !

J. Behring Handmade Double Skull Fighter AAA STAG! 7 1/4

Heavy Duty .250 hand forged blade Premium Sambar Stag

J. Behring Handmade Trout & Deer RED Stag 4.5" Blade

Heavy duty contoured belt sheath

J.Behring handmade Trout & Deer red stag

Great size hunting knife perfect carry conceal made by the best in the business!

J.Behring handmade Woodcraft Crown Stag

5 1/4" .250 thick Hollow Ground NO Hammermarks

Treeman Scagel Style 5" Crotch Stag Hunter

Hand Forged Old School American Made

BIG FATTY" Hammermark Ostritch Sheath

.250" thick hammermark 4 3/4" blade...

J. Behring Handmade Deer & Trout AAA Exibition Grade Sambar Stag

Stabilized Tooo! Brass guard and pinned butt cap

J.Behring handforged Trout & Deer leather /Stag

Great carry size hunting knife!295.00

J.Behring Handmade Anvil Stamp T-Shirt

Anvil Logo T-Shirt

J.Behring Handmade8 1/2" Skull Fighter RED STAG !

8 1/2" OAL Beautiful Sambar stag thong hole lanyard...

J.Behring Trout & Deer Studebaker Steel Stag/ Stag

RARE`Stag/Stag Studebaker spring steel 4" blade 8 1/2" OAL

Treeman South dakota Caper Sambar stag Butt Cap!

Top notch 3 3 4/" fat blade..Perfectly weighted ...Nice natural grain..Beautiful rig! Basketweave sheath by ROCCO
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