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Nesmonk Hunter Horsehide crotch Stag

Sharp top clip Full Stitched belt Sheath

Treeman Double skull Fighter AAA Sambar Stag!!

6 1/2" Handforged 11 1/4" OAL

Musk Ox Birds Head handle Nesmonk Lil Hunter

Pouch sheath Top clip Sharp

J.Behring Trout and Deer leather / stag

4 1/2" HANDFORGED Elephant Ear inlay Sheath

Treeman Double Skull Fighter Heavy Duty

RAZOR SHARP! .250" thick blade 12 7/8" OAL

J. Behring Handmade W.Scagel Replica Cover knife !

Order one today and have it in 3 to 12 weeks!

Woodmonk Hunter Crotch Stag

Nickel Guard Full Stitched Belt Sheath

Treeman 9 1/2" Double skull Fighter Hammermark

Leather Crotch Stag 15 3/4" OAL

J.Behring Handmade Anvil Stamp T-Shirt

Anvil Logo T-Shirt

Treeman Big Stubby Stag Aluminum

Hand tooled Oak Leaves and Acorns Sheath

Treeman Wood Craft Deer & Trout Red Stag Ox

Nickel guard Anvil Stamp
Treeman Tactical Combat Knives