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Our Kydex maker C4 Industries "Frank" is no longer in the Kydex sheath business. We have a short supply of Kydex sheaths for our combat line in stock and then will switch over to all leather. Might even discontinue several Combat models.

Featured products

J.Behring One of One ! 9" Double skull fighter

Custom Walnut handle Stabilized rootwood.

J. Behring Handmade Woodmonk Semi Skinner Horsehide Crotch stag

Beaver tail Sheath Studebaker spring steel !

Deer & Trout Woodmonk RED Stag Ox Butt cap

Full stitch antiqued finish belt sheath

J. Behring Handmade WoodCraft semi skinner Studebaker spring Drop Tine Hunter

Options : Treeman Anvil Stamp ,Beaver Tail Sheath, Stude Spring, Drop tine, Butt Cap,

BIG Double skull Clip Point Fighter Hammermark Musk Ox Butt

1/4" thick Clip Point Samber Stag Musk Ox Butt

J. Behring handmade Trout and Deer

4" blade 8 3/4" OAL Border Patrol style handle

J.Behring Handmade Anvil Stamp T-Shirt

Anvil Logo T-Shirt

Treeman Hunter Scagel style 6" Crown Stag

The handle is right out of the book~ Reverse grind.. JUST Beautiful!

Treeman Skull Fighter Stag Aluminum Tooled sheath

Bad Ass Knife ! 100 % Hand Made !

Treeman W. Scagel Personal Camp Knife replica

Scagel Hard Cover Book Pg.139
Treeman Tactical Combat Knives