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Woodmonk leather Aluminum butt! Ostrich sheath!

Woodmonk leather Aluminum butt! Ostrich sheath!

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This J.Behring handmade Woodmonk has a 5 1/4" handforged blade with a choil for the ease of sharpening.  Deep struck stamps!  The hidden tank hnadle has a nickel silver guard with a flawless bead of silver solder.   the hand cut spacers are brass, black.maroon and followed by many handcut leather washers that swell in your hand. Great fit and balance that you come to expect form Treeman. The aluminum butt ( lots of extra work goes into) has a thong hole for the lanyard.  The OAl is 10 1/4" and comes in a handmade Ostrich inlay leather belt sheath by ROCCO here in the Treeman leather shop.  Thenk you Dee

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