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Trout & Deer Leather -Stag Brass Butt Cap "Last Two Sheath "

Trout & Deer Leather -Stag Brass Butt Cap "Last Two Sheath "

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 This J. Behring trout & deer has a 4" handforged blade made of studebaker spring steel. The brass guard is silver soldered to perfection . The hidden tang handle has a wonderful stack of hand cut spacers of old green,thin white black and brass with hand cut american horsehide topped off with a killer sambar stag pinned crows beak butt  capped with pinned 1/4" domed brass cap. Overall length is 8 1/4" . Nice lines  and curves in all the right places. Comes in a prototype what I call "The Last Two" pouch sheath. Made special so you will always have two .22 cal ,.22 mag or 17rem or 17mk2 bullets. This way when your out shooting squirlls or rabbits or just hikeing around in the bush you will alway have two extra shots.  We can do this for any caliber. The pouch sheath is all herman oaks leather with a high end 3oz leather liner. Brass rivets and a gold stitch finish it off. Great knife at a fair price. Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim

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