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Treeman Trout and Deer sticker style with Red Stag.

Treeman Trout and Deer sticker style with Red Stag.

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This is jne of my favorites.  Trout & Deer knife. The hand forged blade is hammered down to about .150. Just the right thickness to slice through deer meat and still gut and cut fish and birds. Silver soldered brass guard with some old vintage westing house  micarta for a main spacer. It will turn yello over time. The hidden tang handle has a wonderful sambar stag carver with real good color and bark. I finished it off with a high grade 18MM compass to get you back to camp when your GPS quits working. OAL is about 4 1/4". We decided to make a high end sheath for this beautiful little knife. Its a what we call the "LastTwoSheath" Hold two 22cal,17HMR,22mag,17Mach2 . You will always have at least 2 rounds to take out a grouse or save your but from a wolf ... Who knows... always good to have the last two.  Great knife and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim

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