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Treeman Skull Fighter Red Stag Ox Butt Cap

Treeman Skull Fighter Red Stag Ox Butt Cap

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his Treeman Double Skull Fighter has a 6 1/2" hand forged .250 thick 5160M spring steel convex ground blade . I used the newer Bigger dbl skull stamp,looks great ! Also the date stamp om the back side. 2018 USA. The silver soldered guard is nickel silver. The hidden tang handle is real red sambar stag with wonderful color and solid as marble. I finished off the handle with a musk ox butt cap.  Oal is about 12". Its a real handful and made to be passed down for decades. The sheath is custom made and made to fit this knife perfect and the walnut color really sets it off. Tie down on the back side too. Great knife and priced to sell. thanks, jim

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