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Treeman Scagel Style Trout & Bird

Treeman Scagel Style Trout & Bird

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This Treeman Trout & Bird has a 4" razor sharp convex ground blade, forged from 1075 high carbon steel and is about .179" thick. Stamps include Treeman Anvil and USA 2020. The silver solidered guard is cartridge quality brass. Spacer stack is Black, Red, Brass, White and Horsehide. The Pommel is Vintage Sambar Stag and is finished off nicely with a translucent domed musk ox butt cap, attached with two ton epoxy, surely to last a life time. OAL is about 8.75" The sheath is a simple and classic made to fit this knife belt sheath in a light brown finish. Heavy duty gold stitch and brass hardware bring it all together, for the last knife any avid hunter would need. Priced to sell. Thank You.

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