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Treeman Scagel Style Sticker-Hunter

Treeman Scagel Style Sticker-Hunter

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This J. Behring Handmade Scagel style Hunter/Sticker has a 4 3/4" handforged blade. Double cris stamps and date stamp on the back side. The silver soldered guard is cartridge quality brass.  The hidden tang handle is horsehide with a custom stack  of hand cut spacers. Fits the hand very well and finised off with a unique piece of pinned sambar stag  and brass cap. I  recently looked at a friends real 6" scagel he paid 10K for and it had a butt just like this knife. Way too cool !@ OAL is 9 3/4" and comes in a custom made natural Herman Oaks leather belt sheath with gold stitching made right here in the TREEMAN Leather shop. Neats foot oil dipped so it will last a life time. Great knife and priced to sell. Al;l handmade made buy one man  the old school way. No production line in my shop.  Thank you


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