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Treeman Knives Woodcraft Sambar Stag

Treeman Knives Woodcraft Sambar Stag

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This J. Behring treeman  Original  Hammermark Woodcraft hunter has a 5 1/4" hand forged blade with a hollow grind and a razor sharp edge. Made of the very best 1095 steel with a Nickel silver silver soldered guard . The handle has a nice stack of hand cut one of one spacer arrangement with a premium hand picked sambar stag  handle.  Nice color and solid as marble. I  added a high grade sun compass to get you back to camp after a long day in the woods. Overall length is about 10 1/4". Perfect size knife for just about any out door adventure and 100% American made . Comes with a Treeman Leather shop horsehide lined  herman oaks leather pouch sheath made to fit this knife perfectly. Stainless automitive  rivets and a #7 gold stitch. Heavy duty stout sheath that will be the very best quality sheath in your entire collection. Nobody else makes them this way ! Priced to sell. Thanks, JIm Behring Treeman365

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