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Treeman J. Behring Montana Trout Knife

Treeman J. Behring Montana Trout Knife

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This J. Behring Handmade Trout knife has a 3.5" blade hand forged and convex ground 1095 steel. Nice super sharp tip for splitting bellys on trout and gutting birds and small game.  Not to say you can field dress a deer or even a 11' Griz up in the yukon. Had a customer do it. The only knife they had between them and it did the job. The guard is silver soldered nickel silver . One off spacer pattern and a tang that runs back to the butt about 3". Pinned too. Very cool white tail crotch handle that feels wonderful in the hand and will be badd ass at your favorite steak house when you pull it out in front of your buddies and slice through your 24OZ rib Eye like butter. Brian made a custom fit pouch sheath with a heavy stitch and stainless rivets . Belt loop of pocket carry. OAL is about 7 1/2". Great little old school American made knife. Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim

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