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Treeman J. Behring File Knife "Rare"

Treeman J. Behring File Knife "Rare"

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This  J.Behring Handmade  has a 6 1/4" handforged blade made from a real old horse shoeing  rasp file. Hand hammered and cool as hell. I  dont make to many of these . Nice collectible.   Its about 3/16" thick  and from what Blade magazine says thin blades are in now. I  always thought they were  the best overall field blade anyway. Thin slices  real nice, cuts good and light weight. .  The hidden tang handle has a nickel silver guard with a bead of solde r around the blade to seal it up real good.   The hand cut washers are thick maroon and black and the sambar stag is finished with a nickel butt cap stamped Treeman Knives with the anvil stamp. This  knife  comes in a tooled and rivited mosher pouch sheath.

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