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Treeman Hunters Axe Brown-Gold Micarta

Treeman Hunters Axe Brown-Gold Micarta

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This J. behring handmade hunters axe has is the perfect size for wacking the feet and spliting the pelvic bone on a deer or elk.  Makes shory work on small game feet and heads too. The  head on thes hatchet is about 3 1/2" tall and 2 7/8" off cutting edge. Full .250 thick and hand forged spring steel.   Every one is a little different as far as length and head size and this will be about the last one I  make for  a long time.Need to get back on the orders. The silver soldered guard is cartridge quality brass and its signed and dated with # 1. . This is the first time I  have ever used micarta on a hatchet. Its the good old stuff thats almost more of a gold color than brown. really finished out nice. Very durable and fits the hand  like it was made just for you.  I  used some copper   and thin brass along with some black to bring it all together. Overall is about 11 ".  Comes in a Mosher made high quality belt sheath. Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim B

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