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Treeman Hoof Pick Stag

Treeman Hoof Pick Stag

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 I looked around on the interweb and found nothing but plastic handeled crap so I thought I would make a Hoof Pick a man could be proud of and carry on his belt in a high quality horsehide sheath. Oppps the horse might not like that ..Oh Well. After all they helped settel the west just as much as Sam Colt and Winchecser arms. They were the Harley Davidson of the old west and the Horse power to pull wagons and familys all over the United States.  Tired of the crapy ruber handle hoof pics and want some thing thats a one of a kind nobody else has . I can make them with brass or nickel guard and stag. Ivory or leather with a stag butt . Crown crotch or straight sambar stag. This Hoof pick is about 61/4" long from end to end. Stainless pick with a silver soldered guard and a pinned sambar stag handle. I finished it off with a pinned nickel butt cap. Comes in a horsehide Treeman leather shop sheath. Bad to the bone and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim B.

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