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Treeman Hippo Tooth Caper Elephant ear sheath

Treeman Hippo Tooth Caper Elephant ear sheath

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This J.Behring handmade Hippo tooth Caper has a heavy duty 3 1/4" handforged blade made of springsteel with deep struck stamp J.BEHRING HANDMADE and a choil made to keep it RAZOR SHARP.  The hidden tang handle has a nickel silver guard and a perfect bead of silver solder.  Such a great compact size little gem of a knife. He stacked his hand-cut spacers to look like one large spacer with a thin black to finish it off, and then the cool  nickel silver pinned Hippo tooth handle with just the perfect natural amount of curve to fit.  TheOAL is 6 3/4" and comes in an elephant ear inlay leather sheath handmade by ROCCO here in the Treeman Leather Shop.Thank You...DEE

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