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Treeman Ghost Skull Sterial Fighter Horse Hide Aluminum Butt

Treeman Ghost Skull Sterial Fighter Horse Hide Aluminum Butt

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This J. Behring Ghost Skull Fighter has only the skull stamp and the USA date stamp on the blade. The hand forged blade is 6 1/2" long and convex ground with a razor sharp edge. Double brass silver soldered guard. Heavy duty tang that runs just shy of the end of the pinned aircraft aluminum crows beak butt. Stacked horse hide along with some old school maroon ,black and brass. Drilled thong hole and an overall length os about 11 3/4". This is a sterial knife made special for covert operations.  Made a hand ful like these for CIA guys a few years back and made a few every now and then. Aluminum butts are a real pain in the ass to make . thats why nobody does it any more. Any way is a bad ass well made well balanced fighter that will get the job done no matter what it is. Comes in a wonderful high end herman oaks riveted sheath ade buy my man Rocco. We make every thing under one roof. Not some discount contract shop out west that all the Blade show yuppies are using to make there knives.  Funny shit ! Thanks, Jim  P.S. Let me know I can sign the back of the butt cap and date it if you like .

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