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Treeman Fighter Nickel Butt BLUE IVORY

Treeman Fighter Nickel Butt BLUE IVORY

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This J.Behring handforgedHunter/ fighter has a 6 1/4"  blade made of old stude spring steel with a convex  grind and a razor sharp edge that will stay sharp and sharpen with ease.  Nice  deep stamps J.BEHRING TREEMAN USA 2014. This is a new stamp for 2014 and used on only a few knives so far. I retired all my old stamps. I figured 15 years was long enough.   The handle is beautiful fossil walrus blue ivory. Some of the blusest ivory I  have ever seen . Its hard to find and  really looks good .  All my ivory is stabilized so it will hold up to  the elements and  look great for dam near ever. The hand cut spacers are  thick black with some ultra thin maroon and white along with a few aluminum. Pinned hidden tang hande with a 1/4" thick nickel silver butt cap that is pinned and 2 ton epoxied  to make it all like a one piece knife. overall length is about 11 1/2" . Comes in a custom made rough back wide mouth sullivan sheath. Great knife with some killer Ivory. Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim behring

Comes in a Sullivan sheath.

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