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Treeman Double Skull fighter

Treeman Double Skull fighter

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This J. Behring handmade Treeman 8" double Skull fighter has a handforged  1095 Blade  hammered down to about .250 with a convex grind and a razor sharp edge. The cartridge quality double brass guard is silver soldered to perfection with a wonderful bead of the very best silver solider. The spacers are all hand cut one of a kind pattern of green ,brass, black and thin white . the hidden tang runs almost to the end of the sambar stag pinned stag handle. I  added a 20MM high grade compass to get you out of the bush after your phone goes dead. The lines and curves on this fighter are old school and flow like  no other. Overall length is about 13 1/2". perfect balance ,fit and finish and 100% handmade  with all American made material except for the Stag. Good thing is I  do buy all my stag here in the USA. I  wish we had sambar stag here to hunt. Big bastards. Back to the fighter. The sheath is a custom made old school Sullivan  wide mouth rough back  . Great knife and its priced to sell. Thanks, Jim Behring

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