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Treeman Deer & Trout Stag Aluminum 4 1-2" Blade Beaver Tail Sheath

Treeman Deer & Trout Stag Aluminum 4 1-2" Blade Beaver Tail Sheath

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This J. Behring Deer & Trout has a had forged 4 1/2" blade convex ground and razor sharp. Silver soldered brass guard. Wonderful hand cut stack of spacers with a hidden tang that run all the way back almost to the end of the pinned aircrtaft aluminum crows beaked butt. I don't make that many aliminum butt knives since they are a royal pain in the ass to make. Thats the reason you dont see any other makers make them at all any more. Aluminum is expensive, hard as hell to grind and will gum up a 11.00 $ belt in no time. Get so hot so fast you spend more time with the handle in a bucket of water than on the grinder.  I feel the end result is worth a few extra bucks and my time and labor. OAL is about 9". Has a drilled lanyard hole and comes with a custom fit full stitch Beaver tail sheath. Beaver tails aren't cheat any more and there hard to find. So this is a hell of a deal on a top shelf hand made knife that will last a life time and only go up in value. They already bring more money on the secondary market  and I can only make so many. One at a time and never the same. Thanks, Jim

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