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Treeman Camp Knife Ancient walrus Ivory handle

Treeman Camp Knife Ancient walrus Ivory handle

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This J. Behring Handmade Camp Knife has a hand forge extra wide 9 1/4" long .250 thick 5160 M high carbon spring steel with a convex ground blade. The double brass guard is silver soldered and ancients the ancient walrus Ivory handle perfectly. This Ivory is thousands of years old and had some of the gnurliest bark I have ever seen. Dark brown and looked like an old fence post. I had it stabilized so its stout and impervious to cracking and the elements, adds some weight but it’s worth it. . Stabilization done right by a pro that actually pressure treats epoxy resin completely through the piece like a piece of deck board. Rubbing super glue on the outside of the piece is not stained by no means. I see people do this and tell buyers its stabilized. That’s bullshit !  Where I get it done they put all your Ivory in a 4" dia tube 4' long and pressure treats it. The resin goes completely through the piece not just on the outside. Anyway! This Ivory handle is baddass and it’s about as colorful as you will find and wonderful shape to fit just about and hand. Pinned so it will stay tight for centuries. OAL is about 15". The TMK leather shop custom handmade pancake sheath is over the top. BRIAN used all the very best leather and a Zambezi elephant ear hide insert with a heavy stitch and solid brass American made rivets. Tie down on the back side too. Great big exotic knife that will only increase in value and look great for many years to come. Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim

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