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Treeman BIG Camp Knife Hammermark Killer RED Stag

Treeman BIG Camp Knife Hammermark Killer RED Stag

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This Treeman J. Behring Handmade Hammermark Camp knife has a 8 3/4" Blade made of 5160M spring steel with a nice deep hollow grind and a razor sharp edge. Hammermarks are cool as hell and I started doing them about 16/17 years ago when no body did them. Old school ! The blade is extra wide  1 7/8' and a full .250 thick. Double guard is silver soldered brass.  Handle is hidden tang and heavy duty with a pinned rock solid red sambar stag carcer style . Spacers are green, black brass and a very thin red. AOl is about 15". Rocco made a killer sheath with a heavy gold double stitch and solid brass rivets. Glass like burnish and made of all the very best herman oaks 9 oz leather. Overall a wonderful rig that will last generations and as always priced to sell. USA Veteran made !

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