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Treeman Big Bay Hunter Border Patrol walrus

Treeman Big Bay Hunter Border Patrol walrus

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This J.Behring Treeman handmade Hunter has a 5 1/2" handforged blade made of old school spring steel with a choil so you can sharpen with ease. The beautiful hidden tang handle has a heavy brass guard with a nice assortment of hand cut spacers.  NO two knives are built the same here in the Treeman Shop. Each one is custom and unique so you can  be sure your knife is custom made.   The border patrol handle fits perfectly in Jims hand.. and he finished  it with a old piece of ancient walrus. OAL is 10 3/4" and comes in the best handmade leather sheath you can buy today.!  Made by Rocco here in our Treeman Leather Shop Ray MI!   A knife you will hand down for generations. Thankyou..Dee

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