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Treeman BIG 6 STAG!! Crazy Horse Leather

Treeman BIG 6 STAG!! Crazy Horse Leather

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This Treeman Big Six Hunter has a heavy duty .250 thick hand hammered with my arm and a hammer not some machine! Made of the best 5160M spring steel with a convex grind and a razors edge. Nice wide blade with some sweep for that extra-long cutting edge best from skinning big game. I used the seldom seen TREEMAN KNIVES Anvil stamp  along with the date stamp USA 2017 on the back side. The double guard is silver soldered and made of cartridge quality brass. The hidden tang handle has a stack of all hand cut spacers and stabilized sambar stag with a Pinned brass domed butt cap. The handle is extra-long on this big knife.  Nobody stabilizes stag anymore because it cost money but it really adds a nice translucent look to it. Its 100 % water proof and will never shrink or crack. Also adds some weight to the handle and that’s good on a big wide bladed knife.  You will notice it as soon as you pick it up ! OAL is about 12.5”. Comes in a killer TMK leather shop sheath made of the HO Crazy Horse 9oz leather. Great package and priced to sell. Blade is here in just over 2 weeks. See you there. Jim


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