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Treeman Alaskan Scagel Style Leather~Stag

Treeman Alaskan Scagel Style Leather~Stag

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This J. Behring handmade Alaskan has a 5 1/4" handforged blade made of studebaker spring steel,  The up swept blade has a choil made for easy sharpening and nice deep struck stamps~Treeman Anvil and USA 2017 on reverse plus the S stamp for studebaker.  The hidden tang handle has a silver soldered brass guard followed by a nice assortment of hand cut spacers.  the horsehide spacers have just enough swell to fit comfortably in your hand.  The Michigan white tail crotch butt is pinned with a brass lined thong hole and lanyard.  the OAL is 11 1/2" and comes in a great custom handmade ( by ROCCO) leather sheath. Thank you DEE

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