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**Treeman AAA Sambar Stag Alaskan Toad Skin Sheath!

**Treeman AAA Sambar Stag Alaskan Toad Skin Sheath!

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This J.Behring handmade Alaskan has a 5" hand forged hammermark blade hammered to .250 from Studebaker spring Steel!! The cartridge quality brass guard has a flawless bead of silver solder followed by an assortment of hand cut spacers in black,white,maroon.  The AAA quality stabilized  Sambar Stag has a wonful fit and feel to the hand and he finished it off with musk ox that's guaranteed for a lifetime to never come off!  The OAL is 9 3/4" can comes in a handmade sheath by Brian made Giand toad  skin sheath which requires lots of extra time and skill that turned out perfectly!! What a Great package!!  The combined animals it took to make all this is Musk Ox, Sambar stag Frog and Cow hide !!!Happy Fathers Day to you!!  DEE

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