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*Treeman 9" Hammermark Fighter

*Treeman 9" Hammermark Fighter

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This J.Behring handmade Hammermark fighter has a handforged 9" blade hammered down to .250 with nice deep TREEMAN anvil stamp ( he rarely uses) and the Date 2017 stamp on the reverse.  The hidden tang handle has a nickel silver guard with a perfect bead of silver solder only like Jim does!!  The hand-cut spacers are black,vintage maroon and many thin nickel spacers followed with a pile of horsehide washers that Jim also added thin maroon spacers and finished with brass,maroon and black... The handle fits a mans hand with perfect balance.  This Fighter has an old piece of mule deer crotch stag with a lined laynard making this a perfect"10".  This Fighter OAL is 15 1/2" and comes in a handmade leather sheath double stitched by ROCCO here in the Treeman Leather Shop,using the best materials available today... MADE in the USA..Support small business.  Thank you DEE

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