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Treeman 8 " double Skull Fighter Stag Stag

Treeman 8 " double Skull Fighter Stag Stag

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This J. Behring handmade skull fighter has an 8 1/4" hand forged blade thats a 1/4" thick. Nice heavy duty fighter with some wonderful curves and a well balanced solid feel. The guard is nickel silver and silver soldered to perfection . Nice solid bead to make it like a one piece knife. The hidden tang is a full .250 x .375 so its super strong and runs all the way back almost to the end of the butt. Handle is premuin rock solid sambar stag with old school maroon spacers and pinned to keep it all together for many many decades or longer. OAL is about 13 1/2". Stag Stag knives take a bit longer to build than most but its well worth the effort. The TMK leather shop sheath is over the top badd ass and we managed to find a beavertail long enough to finish the sheath with one tail. Big beavr with a tail this long. All herman oaks leather 8/9oz with a heavy stitch and a leg tie . Made in the USA and made to be handed down to the next generation. Thanks, Jim

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