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Treeman 8" Double Skull Fighter Hammermark

Treeman 8" Double Skull Fighter Hammermark

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This J.Behring handmade fighter has a 8 5/8" handforged Hammermark blade thats RAZOR sharp. The hidden tang handle has a cartridge quality double brass guard with a flawless bead of silver solder.  The hand cut spacers are thick black, thin brass,red white and blue followed by horsehide that swells in your hand like it was made for you.  Finished with an old white tail drop tine and a pinned and epoxied brass butt.  The classic double skulls hammered deep and clear on the blade and the USA date 2017 stamp on the reverse. The OAL is 14 1/2" and comes in a handmade leather sheath by ROCCO here in the Treeman leather shop.  Thank you DEE

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