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South Dakota Stubby Hunter Musk Ox

South Dakota Stubby Hunter Musk Ox

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This is one hell of a nice South Dakota heavy duty hammermark stubby hunter  . Its a stout  hard core knife for the serious outdoorsman.  The3 1/2"  blade is  a full 1/4" thick with a hollow grind and a razor sharp edge.this is all the blade you need to get the job done.  The  silver soldered guard is nickel silver. The hidden tang handle has a nice one of a kind stack of hand cut sapcers. The pinned birds head handle is stabilized  Musk Ox horn from way up in Aklaska north of Noam. Great streaks of maroon here and there   with a wonderful feel and balance. Rare as all hell   and priced to sell. Comes with a  mosher hand made  to fit  custom  belt pouch sheath. Thanks, JIm B

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