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Order Only ! J. Behring Handmade W.Scagel Replica Cover knife !

Order Only ! J. Behring Handmade W.Scagel Replica Cover knife !

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Order Only ! This J. Behring Handmade replica of the Scagel knife that is on the cover of the Lucie's hard cover book on Scagels. This knife walked into my knife shop about 7/8 years ago in un used concition and in the original sheath. It was found on a top shelp with a bunch of paint cans and stuff stored in a basement in Flint , Michigan. The young man that found it was the originals owners grandson. He had no idea what it was or what it was worth. He found me on the web and called my shop. Brought it buy and I appraised it and offered him 10K for it. I should have offered him 300 bucks ,he would of taken it ! He was pretty excited to say the least and wanted to show it around . He also promised me he would give me first shot at it when it is sold. I learned that his word was worth crap and his hand shake didn't mean anything and sold it to Lucie . Then Lucie puts it on the front of his new hard cover book.  Life goes on and there are plenty more Scagels that turn up here and there. This replica is as close as you will find to the real one. I held the real one in my hand and studied it for several hours that day. This one has a 5 3/4" long hand forged blade made of 1095 steel. Conved ground and stamped like the real one with my stamps. The guard is brass. Handle is hand cut spacers and a drop tine pinned butt . OAL is about 11 1/2" . Comes in a full stitched sheath made way better than the original. Great addition to any collecdtion and priced to sell. Replicas take about 3 times the labor hours than a regular knife and there rare. YYou can order one and I will make it as close as I can and get it done in a timley manner. Thanks, Jim

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