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Montana Trout Knife Ancient Artifact Walrus

Montana Trout Knife Ancient Artifact Walrus

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This J. Behring Treeman handmade Montana trout knife has 4 1/4" blade hammered down to about .160 or so. Perfect thickness and a real sharp pointy tip to slice into a rainbow trouts belly and gut , stick and set over the camp[fire. Crack an ice cold Labbats blue and relax. The guard is solid copper and silver soldered to perfection. Nice choil so its easy to sharpen. Wonderful stack of hand cut spacers and the best piece of acient artifact walrus Ivory I have seen in many years, It had heavy bark on it when I send it to be stabilized so you never know what you have until you finish grind and polish. This is off the charts cool and solid as stone. Nice long handle for a little knife and comes in a handmade Beavet tail sheath. Zipper case included. Oal is about 8 1/4". Priced to sell and truely a one of a kind. I will remember this knife for a long time.   Might even keep it. Thanks,Jim

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