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Michigan Hunter 4 1-4" HD Blade Horsehide Stag Musk Ox

Michigan Hunter 4 1-4" HD Blade Horsehide Stag Musk Ox

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This j. Behring Handmade Michigan Hunter has a heavy duty hand forged .225 thick convex ground razor sharp blade made of the very best american made 10905 steel. The cartridge quality brass guard is silver soldered and made to keep you fingers from sliding onto the blade. Stamps are the Treeman Anvil and USA 2018 on the back side. Hidden tang runs almost to the end ot the AAA sambar stag butt  and its all pinned and epoxied so it will last a life time or two. Musk ox bark butt cap is fastened for good with my way of doing it. Finishes off a handle very nicley ! OAL is a compact but man sized beefy little bastard 9" from tip to butt . Comes in a custom made to fit this knife high end HO leather with solid brass rivets and a heavy gold stitch. Wonderful addition to any collection and a perfect knife for the outdoorsmen. Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim

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