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Large Camp Axe Horse Hide Sambar Crotch Domed Brass Butt Caps

Large Camp Axe Horse Hide Sambar Crotch Domed Brass Butt Caps

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This J. Behring Camp as is as nice as they come all handmade with the very best materials . This Camp Axe has a heavy duty  look and feel. Head is 4 1/8" tall and just under 3/8" thick. 3 1/2" of convex ground cutting edge  and 13 1/2" long from tip to butt.  I  used the nes date stamp and the new anvil Treeman knives stamp. Big brass silver soldered guard with a heavy duty horse hide  handle with just the right spacer pattern to set is all off. The heavy duty tang runs almost to the end of the butt  . The crotch stag is hard to find sambar stag  with a nice rich color. I  capped the butt with 3/16" brass and pinned and domed them to a nice clean fit and finish. Takes much more time to do this but the end result is worth the added time and labor.  Comes in a mosher  handmade basket weave sheath. I  make about  a dozen of these larger axes a year  and there rare as hell.I  saw one  I  made years back with a stag handle sell at the local gun show this past weekend for 1200.00   This one is way cooler than all stag. Its actually the first one I  have ever made with the brass butt caps.  thanks, Jim Behring

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