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J.Behring Trout & Deer Sambar Stag

J.Behring Trout & Deer Sambar Stag

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This J.Behring handforged Trout & Deer  knife has a 4" blade made of spring steel and hammered down to .180/200. The hidden tang handle has all hand cut washers of black, vintage maroon, and brass.  The guard is cartridge quality brass and the handpicked sambar stag handle has a quality 14mm compass in the butt.  OAL is about 9". Fit and finish  is over the top and the balance is as good as it gets. This is a 100 % handmade  Buy American not some over seas knife kit crap from china. The world is a really screwed up place these days and part of the reason is that americans  dont buy american. then they bitch because there are no jobs...This work of art comes in n a hand fitted pigskin clip back sheath.

Priced to sell, Thank you Jim

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