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J. Behring Treeman Stag Sticker

J. Behring Treeman Stag Sticker

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This  Treeman scagel style hunter/sticker has a 5 1/2" hand forged blade  beat down to around .200   with a convex gring and a razors edge. This knife will slice through big game like no other. Just the right size blade with  a silver soldered nickel guard . The stag is as solid as marble and hand picked   with wonderful  grain and color.  Not some crappy wood or giraff bone walmart shit. Stag is Stag and ther is nothing else like it. I  added . 14Mm compass in an extra long handle to get you back to camp  after a long day in the woods.  The mosher full cover sheath is as good as it gets. Nothing else come close to a mosher made sheath. Custom made to fit this knife and protect it from  the elements and  keep it where it belongs. Overall length is about 10 1/2". Priced to sell.  Thanks, Jim B 

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