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J. Behring Treeman Handmade Big Sticker

J. Behring Treeman Handmade Big Sticker

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This Treeman  Original is about as nice as they come. Big sticker 6 1/4 " long Blade hammered down to around .200 for a fast cutting razors edge. Convex ground and will hold an edge ..As always  made of the very best 1095  and heat treated just right to 5657Rc. Guard silver soldered nickel and made so your hand will not slip past the guard when cutting the belly of a big elk. Spacers are old brown,green micarta with some black and thin beass. The stag is solid like marble and has a wonderful natural color and pinned  to keep it all together for good. Handle is nice and long so it will fit just about any hand  . The AOL is about 11 1/2". The sheath is super duty all treeman leather shop hand made with the best leather and horse hide liner money can buy. No other pouch styule sheath compares. Great knife and priced to sell. Still backed up on orders but hope to start haveing more extra knives for the web site soon. Thanks,Jim Behring

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