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J. Behring Treeman Axe Knife Set

J. Behring Treeman Axe Knife Set

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This J.Behring Handmade Hunters  Axe Trout & Deer  Knife Set are as nice as you will ever see. I  took my time making these  and it paid off well. There both perfect and both have the lines and curves we all like to see in knives.  Hand forged and convex ground with razor sharp edges. Both guards are silver soldered with a flawless bead of soldier you just dont see on knives anymore. Its blister packs and JB weld these days.  Old school is  the only school for manley men that like the out doors and hunt and fish and still screw there women on the kitchen counter every now and then. Handmade hand built USA made is becoming a thing of the past. Its up to us patriots  to keep it alive.  I  hand picked the sambar stag  and spent 4 days on the road  and 12 hours of digging through 80 # burlap sacks in a dusty ass warehouse  so all my customers would have the best stag money can buy.   Butt caps are domed from full 1/4" thick brass and pinned to the stag not just glued on like most do.  Spacers are all hand cut and match  .   The trout and deer  Knife has a 4" blade and OAL is 8 3/4".  The axe has a 3 1/2" tall  head with 3" of cutting edge. .  the OAL is 11 3/4" . Both come in a custom made mosher basket weave sheaths. The next time around  the sheath will be made here in my new leather shop.  We will also start making sheath for  dam near every knife out there  and replica sheath for vintage richtigs, Randalls , Vietnam and WW2 and WW1 sheaths. We can do it all and some will be so good they will pas as the original. Let us know what you need. Thanks and have a good one. Jim Behring

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