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J.Behring One of One ! 9" Double skull fighter

J.Behring One of One ! 9" Double skull fighter

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 J.Behring handmade double skull fighter has a 9" handforged blade made of 5160  about .200 thick spring steel with a convex ground blade. Big skull stamps and a silver soldered double brass guard.  The hidden tang handle has a small stack of hand cut spacers of brass,red & black.   Jim finished this off with a brass pinned solid piece of stabilized walnut rootwood.  My local friend took down a large walnut tree during a huge brick paver driveway project. He got carried away and after poping the stump with his excavator he cut off all the largge roots. Cut them up in block sizes and I sent them off to be stabilized with epoxy resin. This handle is solid as marble, strong as Sambar and will last a lifetime. The OAL is 14" and comes in a handmade leather belt sheath by ROCCO here in the Treeman leather shop.  Thank you...Dee

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