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J.Behring Handmade Woodcraft

J.Behring Handmade Woodcraft

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This J.Behring Handmade woodcraft has a razor sharp, 4.25" long, convex ground blade, handforged from high carbon 1095 steel and is about .171" thick. Stamps are nice and deep, J.Behring Handmade and USA 21. The silver soldered guard is Nickel silver and has a flawless soldered joint. Spacers are clean and simple with a thin red, and thick polished stag. The handle is rounded out with a vintage red stag, pinned through the tang that runs almost out the back of the handle and a beautiful artifact walrus ivory butt plate, secured with two ton epoxy. OAL is about 9" The made to fit belt sheath comes in our signature antique finish with a beautiful giraffe panel, heavy duty contrasting stitch and stainless hardware. Priced to sell. Thank You. 

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