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J. Behring Handmade USMC Big Ass Fighter Bulldog Logo Sheath

J. Behring Handmade USMC Big Ass Fighter Bulldog Logo Sheath

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This one of one Treeman USMC Fighter has a hand forged convex ground extra wide .250 thick heavy duty 5160M spring steel blade than will stay sharp and take the abuse. The double brass guard is silver soldered and ground to fit nice up aginst your fingers and never let you hand slip past no matter how hard you slam it into your target. USMC stamped one at a time and the TREEMAN and USA 2017 date stamp on the back side. The heavy duty hidden tand handle has stacked horsehide with some red,whit and blue spacers thisck brass and black. Pinned crotch stag butt with a lanyard  hole lined with brass. Cant lose this knife when the shit hits the fan. OAL is about 13 1/2". The over the top cool as they come 100% hand tooled Treeman leather shiop sheath has the USMC Bulldog logo  along with some high grade rivets and a tie down loop on the back. Leather is all hand tolled one tap at a time. Great detail and a real must have for a U.S. Marine .  This is a big knife for the serious soldier  or collector . Made to last and hold up to hard use. Priced to sell and will make a great investment. Remember its a one of a kind rig. Thanks, Jim

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