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J. Behring Handmade Trout & Deer RED Stag 4.5" Blade

J. Behring Handmade Trout & Deer RED Stag 4.5" Blade

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This J. Behring treeman handmade Trout & Deer knife has a hand hammered 4.5" blade made of the very sbest 1095 steel. Convex ground and razor sharp. The anvil stamp is deep and the USA stamp on the back side says it all again. Don't be fooled buy all these posers out them claming to make there own knives. Buying a pre finished blade and etching a name on it ins't a hand made knife. This work of old school art has a silver soldered cartridge quality brass guard with a extra long tang the runs almost to the end of this magnicefent handle. Real RED sambar stag with a look and feel only the best provides. Pinned and finished to perfection. The white spacer is 40 year old westinghouse Ivory micarta that will turn yellow in time.  Blade is about .190 thick and the choil is going to make sharpening a breeze. Brian made the sheath in our leather shop today and I finished the knife up. Contoured fit and finish and a heavy stitch with solid brass rivets and high end herman oaks leather. Perfect size knife for slicing up trout to skinning big bears. Thanks, Jim

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