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J.Behring Handmade Stainless MI trout knife

J.Behring Handmade Stainless MI trout knife

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This J.Behring Handmade Michigan Trout Knife is made from high quality old school AEB-L stainless steel. These are the first stainless blades to come out of the Treeman Shop. About 0.125 thick and Hardend to 60RC. Blade length is about 3.25" long. These blades cut like razor blades, AEB-L has been commonly used in fine cutting tools, such as razors, scapels and fine culinary cutlery. Stamps include, J.Behring Handmade, NEW USA-21, and a "S" to signify the use of Stainless steel not to be mistaken for the lazy "S" we use to signfy studebaker spring steel. The silver soldered guard is cartridge quality brass. Spacers are hand cut black, brass, and red fiber. The handle is vintage india red stag, with great color and shape.  Butt cap is fossil walrus ivory. OAL is about 7" long. The sheath is dark brown with a premium ostrich leg panel, heavy duty stitching and brass hardware. Priced to sell. Thank You 

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