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J.Behring Handmade Skull Fighter 7 1-2" Hammermark Blade

J.Behring Handmade Skull Fighter 7 1-2" Hammermark Blade

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This Treeman Handmade Skull fighter has a 7 1/2" Hand forged blade made of the old school 5160M steel.  Hammermarked with a 14" radius hollow grind and a razors edge. The nickel guard is silver soldered. The handle is stacked horsehide with a badd ass hand cut spacer arrangement and a crows beak sambar stag butt. OAL is about 13". The sheath si custome made here in my leather shop to fit this knife and this knife alone. Not just a sheath made in mass quanitys clicker cut and stitched by some 6 year old with no shoes and a news paper hat smoking a cigar butt.  This sheath is first class with heavy duty stitching,stone pouch and solid stainless steel rivets.  Great fighter and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim

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