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J.Behring Handmade Little Bay Hunter

J.Behring Handmade Little Bay Hunter

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This little bay hunter has a razor sharp 4.5" long convex ground blade, hand forged from high carbon 1095 steel to about .133 thick. Stamps are J.Behring Handmade and USA-21. The silver soldered guard is nickel silver above a stack of black, aluminum, maroon, gold and hand cut horsehide leather washers. The aluminum crows beak handle is pinned through the tang. (the butt has a two small impuritys that wouldnt grind out, they dont cause any alarm for a failure so we didnt see reason to cut off a perfectly good butt) OAL is about 8.75" long The made to fit belt sheath is dark brown with a beautiful premium giraffe panel. heavy duty stitching and stainless hardware. Priced to sell .Thank You 

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