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J. Behring Handmade Huron Hunter 6 1-2" Forged Blade Stag Stag

J. Behring Handmade Huron Hunter 6 1-2" Forged Blade Stag Stag

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This one of a kind  Stag Stag Huron Hunter has a 6 1/2" hand hammered blade with a super strong convex grind and a razor sharp edge. Blade steel is ultra pure 5160M high carbon spring steel oil quenched in a mixture of old Harley davidson motor oil and Royal Purple HPS 10W40. Done more than not enough  and baked in the heat treat oven at %(*&$# degrees  for enough  hours at several different temps to get the perfect end result.  The stamps are deep and clear and all done by hand not some cheesie laser acid etching machine. The double guard is brass and silver soldered to perfection to make this a one piece knife thats always better than a press fit guard that will get moisture and blood under the hand in time and rot the handle off the knife. I used a killer piece of sambar stag  for this stag/stag hidden tang handle. Nice swell and long enough to fit just about any bodys hand big or small. Spacers are red.white and blue with some thin brass. Pinned handle to keep it all together for centurys. OAL is about 11 3/4". The fit and finish and balance is over the top. The high end TMK leather shop sheath is all hand done with the best US materials and the very best exotic elephant ear hide with a tight grain and great color. Most have never seen this kind of elephant ear hide ,its awesome to say the least. Priced to sell. Lots of work in these stag/stag knives and lots of extra work and expense in the sheath. If you want a deal go to Walmart and buy a China Buck knife ! Thanks, Jim

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