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J.Behring Handmade Crotch Stag brass butt caps "Rare"

J.Behring Handmade Crotch Stag brass butt caps "Rare"

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This J.Behring handmade Fox River Hammermark Hunter has a 5" hand forged blade made of old school 5160 steel. Nice deep 14" hollow grind with a razors edge. The cartridge quality brass guard is silver soldered. the hidden tang handle has a wonderful stack of hand cut spacers of green,westinghouse ivory micarta,this black,maroon & brasss along with horsehide and finished off with a mule deer cratck stag butt . capped with solid pinned brass and two ton epoxy ,never coming off ever. This is something I hardly ever do because it takes almost as long to cap the butts than made the knife.  Gives the knife a real classic seldom ever seen look. OAL is about 10 3/4". Comes with a TMK leather shop made to fit sheath  with only the very best materials. Priced to sell. Buy American made knives. Thanks, Jim Behring

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