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J. Behring Handmade Buffalo Skinner Buffalo Hide Sheath

J. Behring Handmade Buffalo Skinner Buffalo Hide Sheath

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This Treeman J. Behring Handmade  Skinner has a badd ass 5 1/2" hand hammered .240 thick 1095 blade with a convex grind and a razor sharp edge. The blade is sterial with only the date stamp on the back side. The silver soldered guard is nickel silver with  a dhidden tang handle. The tang runs almost to the edn of the butt . The exhibition grade sambar stag handle is about as nice as you will find these days. Great color and  gnarley as hell.  Spacers are green with old westinghouse amd a few thick black and thin brass and aluminum. Oal is about 10 1/4". I  added a pinned nickel butt cap and its signed and dated. The sheath is way over the top herman oaks leather with an American buffalo  front  with gold stitch and stainless rivets.  Made custon to fit this knife and only this knife. All hand cut and hand made. Old school. Great one off knife . Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim Behring

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