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J. Behring Handmade BIG SIX Hunter Stag-Stag

J. Behring Handmade BIG SIX Hunter Stag-Stag

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This Really badd Ass Treeman Big Six Hunter has a extar wide .250 thick heavy duty 6 1/4" blade hand forged from old school modifyed 5150 spring steel. I made several of these about 10 years ago for a man going to Africa big game hunting. He and his guide and the trackers skinned and dressed 18 different animals with these Big Six knives. From Cape Buffalo to Kudu and everything in between. He still buys knives everytime they head out on a hunting expidition  all over the world. This big Six has a double silver soldered nickel guard. Nice stack of thick brass spacers and old red and thin black . Hidden tand heavy duty handle with Sambar Stag Stag . You can see where the pin is in the handle. The heavy duty tang runs past the pin. I finished it off with a heavy dommed brass pinned butt cap. Nice contrast and made to feel good in just about any hand. We made a super duty heavy stitched american buffalo and 9 oz HO leather with solid stainless steel auomotive grade rivets . This is the ultimate big game knife for the big boys !  Priced to sell. Took many hours to make this working piece of art. Try it some time ! !!!  Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim Behring

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