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J. Behring Handmade Big Bay Skinner Ivory 8-22-14

J. Behring Handmade Big Bay Skinner Ivory 8-22-14

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This is one hell of a nice Big Bay Skinner. The hand forged blade is 5" long and hand forged from 1095 carbon steel. Convex ground with a razors edge.  Nickel silver guard with a flawless silver solder job and a killer stack of green spacers accented with black and copper.  The hidden tang handle  is hand picked premium  quality fossilized walrus Ivory. All my ivory is stabilized so it won't crack or dry out ever.  The handle is  about as nice as it gets with wonderful color and  I  also added a nickel pinned but cap to finish it all of. Comes in a custom made Mosher  pig skin NFL foot ball leather sheath with black rivets.   Great knife in a totally screwed up world. Buy American  and dont let any body tread on you. Thanks, Jim B

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