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J. Behring Double Skull Fighter Stag Brass Crows beak

J. Behring Double Skull Fighter Stag Brass Crows beak

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This Fighter sold in minutes but you can order one and I will have it done as good or better than this  in 3 to 6 weeks. This Treeman Handmade Double Skull Fighter is a true one of a kind ! I don't think I have ever made a fighter like this with a solid brass crows beak  butt.  If I did its been many years. The hand forged blade is 7 1/2" long and a full .250 thick. Hollow ground with a heavy duty razor sharp cutting edge. Hammermarks along with a nice deep skull stamp and the USA 2018 on the back side . Guard is brass and silver soldered . Hidden tang runs almost to the edn of the solid brass crows beak butt. Killer sambar stag with a translucent look and hard as marble. Spacers are all hand cut and the butt is pinned with a drilled lanyard hole. Balance is awsome too ! both ends of this fighter mean business ! OAL is about 12 5/8".  Sheath is custom made and made to fit. Lots of solid brass rivets and a tie down in the back. This is a rare fighter and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim

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